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Take-Along Four Legged Loving Creature with Singapore Airlines!

Singapore airline is the is such customer-oriented airlines which help the passengers in every which way possible. To satisfy its passengers, Singapore Airlines has introduced many options and services which benefit them before, during and even after the journey. With the affordable flight tickets, favourable flight schedule, exclusive and time to time offers, are some of the ways and are part of customer retention which helps its passengers in an hour when they choose to travel with this airlines.

Another interesting feature provided by Singapore airlines is that it allows pets along with passengers. But for taking them along on Singapore airlines it is better to know about the rules for pets. And here is our guide of the pet policy of Singapore Airlines.

Check Singapore Airlines Pet Policy!

  • Singapore Airlines allows only domestic pets which include domestic dogs, cats, guinea pigs, domestic birds etc. No wild or harmful animals are allowed on Singapore Airlines.
  • All the pets should be carried in a carriage which should be such that the pet inside shall move, breathe and make movements.
  • Some animals like all terriers, all pugs, bulldogs, pit bulls, Japanese Chin etc are not allowed on Singapore airlines.
  • Each passenger can take only one pet along with him and shall not exceed the maximum weight of both pet and carriage combined.
  • The pet fee for a to and fro journey from the US is between $150-225.
  • Also, those pets which exceed 32 kg will be taken as checked baggage and need to be notified baggage authority to maintain the temperature.
  • The carriage for the pets must not increase 22 inches in height and this may vary depending upon the aircraft type.

So, with the help of the above information, you can come to know about Singapore Airlines pet Policy which is 24/7 active on different platforms.

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