Pet Policy Of Saudi Arabian Airlines

Travel with Your Bundle of Joy and Prefer Saudi Airlines

If you are fond of travelling abroad then you can travel to several places based on your budget. And if you want to take along your adorable companion then you must search for pet-friendly destinations. After deciding the place to visit with your pet you now must be thinking that whether you will be able to take that bunch of love along with you. And for your surprise, Saudi Airlines supports the idea of travelling with pets. So, you can consider Saudi Airlines while you book your ticket.

But, before booking for the flight, you must check Saudi Airlines pet policy to know all the essential rules and regulations for your pet.

Know The Rules for Pet Before You Travel with Saudi Airlines!

  • To make your pet travel along with you to the plane, you must first get it medically checked and present the documents at the time of booking and checking-in.
  • All the domestic pets like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds etc are allowed to take along with you.
  • No wild animals like snakes, snub-nose dogs etc are allowed on the aircraft for safety reasons.
  • All pets must be kept in a carrier such that they can stand, move and make movements from inside.
  • The combined weight of pet and carrier should not be more than 5 kg and each passenger is allowed with 1 pet along with the carrier.
  • In case your pet is too large and is unable to fit under the seat then he will be carried as checked baggage.
  • According to the pet travel policy of Saudi airlines, the pet carrying fee is $130 for all domestic and international flights.
  • This is an interesting fact by Saudi Airlines that they allow guide dogs who accompany blind and deaf passengers for free. Yes, such guiding dogs are allowed and welcomed with warm hospitality and will be treated just like a passenger.

The very important thing to be noted is that in case your pet is travelling as checked baggage so, make sure to inform the airport and baggage check-in officials so that they can manage the temperature.

Carrier Guidelines!

The pets who are small can be easily managed beneath the seat in front of you. But, this does not mean that they do not require a carrier. Carrier is important for every pet. And the total dimension of the container must not exceed 52.5 cm x 32.5 cm x 40 cm. Also, the container must be so designed that it has adequate holes for ventilation.

For any further information, you are free to contact Saudi Airlines customer service number which is 24/7 active.

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