How To Make Reservations in Royal Jordanian?

Don’t Just Look! Book with Royal Jordanian Airlines!

If you wish to travel at an affordable price not compromising with the comforts then you must choose traveling with Royal Jordanian Airlines. Making this airline as your travel companion will be the best decision as you will not be disappointed with the class of service provided by this airline. And apart from carrying passengers, Royal Jordanian Airlines is also friendly with pets and children hence share the same affection as you. So, if you want to take your adorable four-legged companion to enjoy with you or want to get Royal Jordanian Reservations for children then choose this airline for a comfortable and satisfactory journey. To know its services that are rendered by the airline you can refer to the information stated in this article to bring you closer to Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Bringing You Closer to Royal Jordanian Airlines!

Royal Jordanian Airlines is the flag carrier airline service of Jordan and is headquartered in Amman, Jordan. The airline is known for its outstanding performance with only 25 aircraft in its fleet running over the sky of around 43 destinations in different parts of the world. Royal Jordanian Airlines has not left any stone unturned to help passengers and also has developed many new services ever since it has come into the aviation market. Some of the services rendered by this airline can be discussed below.

Services Rendered by Royal Jordanian Airlines!

  • The aircraft of Royal Jordanian Airlines is so designed that it is divided into two classes ranging from low to high in terms of services and fare charges.
  • The cabin of the upper class called the business class is provided with a separate and private section for the passengers traveling in them. They are provided with a convertible seat in bed, duvets, and pillow, etc.
  • Passengers are also provided with complimentary meals and beverage services.
  • To get Royal Jordanian reservation you can either contact customer care or can get it booked online.

To know how to get the flight booked you can follow the steps below using an online portal.

Grab a Seat with Royal Jordanian Airlines Instantly!

  • Land on a preferred web browser and go to the booking API of the website.
  • Tap on the “Plan and Book” option from the page and select any one option based on the type of your booking.
  • Start by entering booking details like travel dates, arriving and departing cities, etc and tap “Next”.
  • Find the flight that suits your requirements and tap on it to select the desired seat and tap “Next”.
  • Enter your personal information like name, date of birth, etc and tap “Next”.
  • Select the mode of your payment and confirm your reservation. You will be notified of the email that was entered at the time of booking.

Knowing Pet Policy of Royal Jordanian Airlines!

  • All kinds of domestic pets are allowed by Royal Jordanian Airlines like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, domestic birds, etc.
  • Breeds like American Terrier, Rottweiler, Mastiffs, etc are not allowed in the cabin.
  • All the pets must be kept in pet carriage which should not exceed 7 Kg in total.
  • The carriage should be such that the pet inside can stand, move and breathe without any hassle.
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry 1 pet but in the aircraft, it must not be more than 2 in number.
  • Any pet who exceeds the weight limit shall be carried as checked baggage where they need to inform the officials about the pets in the checked luggage area.

So, after knowing about pet policy you can get Royal Jordanian pets reservations without hassle.

Contacting Royal Jordanian Airlines Customer Service!

The passengers who want some more information shall not panic. They are free to get in touch with the customer service of their travel companion. And Royal Jordanian Airlines has a separate and dedicated service to help out passengers anytime. The customer service of this airline is 24/7 active to help the passengers with any issue.

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