0...... How Can I Redeem American Airlines Voucher?

How To Redeem American Airlines Voucher?

An Easy Guide On How To Redeem American Airlines E-Voucher

Passengers who travel via American Airlines often receive e-vouchers while they book their flights. They can be used for various purposes such as booking flights, paying for extra baggage fees. If you are one of the American Airlines passengers and have received an e-voucher then read this article to know more about AA e-vouchers.

Benefits Of American Airlines E-Vouchers

Following are the prominent advantages of AA E-vouchers.

  • The credit value of E-voucher is similar to the cash for making purchasing American Airlines services.
  • You can easily buy your next flights via using E-vouchers. However, it won’t cover all the airfare.
  • You can pay for flight change fee, upgrade fee, excess baggage fees, etc via using E-vouchers.
  • You can transfer your E-voucher to other passengers. However, they will have to keep the e-voucher while they redeem it.

E Vouchers Terms And Conditions

Following are the important points to keep in mind regarding AA E-vouchers.

  • E-Vouchers are only valid for 1 year.
  • In the event, if they are lost or stolen then they are irreplaceable.
  • They are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for hard cash.
  • Passengers with E-vouchers cannot resell them or use for promotional purposes.

Steps To Redeem AA E-Vouchers Online

  • Go to the American Airlines official website.
  • In the event, Contact 1-802-455-7300 if you are booking fresh reservations then go through all the booking steps such as entering destination airport, choosing dates & number of passengers, cabin class, etc until your to the payment page.
  • Once you have reach to the payment page, choose the E-voucher option as your payment method.
  • Now, enter the E-Voucher number and Pin number and confirm your bookings.

Hence, you can easily redeem American Airlines voucher without any hassle. You can also redeem it on the help-desk at the airport. However, online method is much better and quick

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