How To Book Group Travel Ticket For Qatar Airways?

Group Booking for Qatar Airways

Whether its a group hangout or a trip with friends or family, its fun while being in group. And it becomes even more exciting if you are traveling somewhere far in a group. Taking a trip in a big group brings along a lot of advantages and fun. One of the biggest advantage of traveling in group is expense is divided for every thing and trip becomes quite economical. Adding more to it, if you take a flight journey in a group, you get many more advantages. To find out tap, tap below.

Flying by Qatar  Airways in a Group

for the convenience of the passengers, there are a lot of airlines that provide group bookings and Asian airline Qatar Airways is no less. To travel anywhere across the Asian subcontinent or out of it, Qatar Airways is a perfect choice. Apart from their economical flight fare they also offer many amazing deals on Qatar Airways Group travel. Thus if your group of friends or family is planning any big trip, you can have a look on how to book flights.

Booking Process of Group Reservations.

Online Reservations

  • The online process of booking group flights is kind of same like the normal reservations but you have to give in the details of every passenger.
  • On the official website, tap on booking tab and select group reservations.
  • Now under group reservation pop up, fill in all the details for flight.
  • Select the destination you are going to and from where. Also pick the dates of coming and going.
  • Next while mentioning the number of passengers, you can give in all the names and other personal details of the passengers
  • Select the mode of payment you will be using for the reservations.
  • Pick one flight, make the payment and you will be done.

Calling on the Helpline Number

You can also call up on the helpline number and request for the reservations. All you have to do is provide details of every passenger, choose the mode of payment and your reservations will be confirmed.

Advantages of Group Reservations in Qatar Airways

  • With each group booking, Qatar Airways gives some perks to the passengers for the smooth journey. Tap down for knowing the details.
  • On every booking, you get a huge discount on the flight fare if the number of people traveling is more than ten.
  • In case you cancel your flight later, you can cancel them all together, and dont have to do it separate for every user.
  • Moreover, before the boarding all the passengers will get priority check in and comfortable waiting lounge.
  • Also you get the liberty to choose your seats in the flight with on board entertainment and variety of meals served.
  • If in case you want to make changes in your flight, you can even do it without any issue with minimum charges.

And thats all how you can make Qatar Airways group booking within minutes. For any kind of further information, kindly contact the customer care team on mail or phone number.

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