How Do I Make a Flight Reservation Without Paying?

When someone says making a flight reservation without paying, it sounds spam, isn't it? Well, things are not like that always. Sometimes, it makes a person confused to get a flight ticket without paying. It generally happens when a person applies for a visa for a country visit. In this way, the flight gets booked with a PNR or Booking Reference to proceed with the Visa process. But it needs to be confirmed within a limited period.

In such a case, you can purchase a dummy flight ticket to make a flight reservation without paying. The dummy ticket offers you all details of departure/arrival timings along with dates, flight code, flight name, flight reservation/booking numbers, and departure/arrival airport IATA codes.

Unlike a fake ticket, it holds a valid PNR or reservation number. And the flight information is affiliated with the airline and the associated embassy of the country.

Now, after knowing everything about the reservations without paying, you must be thinking to book a flight ticket. So, you should go through the procedure mentioned below.

Steps to Book Tickets without Paying

  • First of all, you need to go to the Booking API on the website.
  • There you should enter the flight destinations for departure and arrival.
  • Also, select dates, number of passengers, flight class, and click the Search button.
  • Next, you have to select the flight and enter the passenger and contact details.
  • If you want to purchase insurance, you can do that and then complete the purchase by clicking Book Flights.

This is how you can make a flight reservation without paying. Also, you receive the flight ticket along with PNR in your email. In addition to this, you need to make sure that you complete the payment within the limited time that you buy while purchasing a ticket without paying. So, make a phone call to a travel agent to get a flight ticket without paying.

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