Pregnancy Policy of Lufthansa Airlines

Travel During Pregnancy In A Comfortable Way With Lufthansa Airlines Pregnancy Policy

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the top-notch German based airlines which have a fleet size of 299 that covers both domestic and international destinations across the world. Lufthansa airlines is best known for providing the relevant and affordable travelling comforts that can be enjoyed while travelling on Lufthansa airlines. One can book flights to multiple destinations on Lufthansa airlines and even expectant passenger can also travel during the pregnancy after following the pregnancy policy of Lufthansa airlines.

What Is Lufthansa Airlines Pregnancy Policy?

Are you pregnant and want to travel outside to your preferred destination for any important or specific work via air? Then you can simply travel as there are varied airlines carrier allow the expectant passengers to travel in their flight and Lufthansa airlines is one of those. Lufthansa airlines allow the expectant passengers to travel during but there are some rules and restrictions come into the Lufthansa airlines pregnancy policy that you have to know before booking your flight.

You Can Follow The Below Instructions Regarding That:

  • Lufthansa airlines allow the expectant passengers to travel until the 4 weeks before the expected date.
  • Any passenger whose pregnancy is complication-free is allowed to travel without any medical certificate from a gynecologist.
  • After 28th week of the pregnancy, expectant passenger must carry a current certificate from a gynecologist to confirm that their pregnancy is processing without any complication.
  • Passenger is allowed to wear the compression stocking during the journey.

You can travel during the pregnancy with Lufthansa airlines pregnancy policy which is above-mentioned and if you are not competent enough to understand this given information or have any other query regarding the pregnancy policy, then contact the customer service team for the better assistance.

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