Pet Policy of Lufthansa Airlines

What is Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy?

Planning to take your pet with you to your preferred destination when traveling via air? Then you can simply take as there are multiple airlines proffer the facility of travelling with pets and Lufthansa Airlines is one of those. Lufthansa allows the passengers to take dog, cat, and rabbit during the journey but there is a pet policy prescribed by the Lufthansa airlines that you have to know before booking a flight for your pet.

Follow the below instructions for Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy:

Registration Instructions

  • You have to register and get a confirmation from Lufthansa 24 hours before the departure.
  • For any kind of emotional support dogs, the deadline is 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

Check-in Options

Both the online and mobile check-in options can be used 23 hours before the scheduled departure. The boarding pass can be collected at the airport’s check-in counter.

What are the different travel options for different animals?

The transport options in Lufthansa depend on the animal for your booking for a flight ticket. You can follow the below instructions for that:

For small dogs and cats

  • Only smaller dogs and cats will be transported inside the passenger’s cabin as per the varied conditions of carry-on baggage.
  • The weight of container and pet should not more than 8 kg.

For larger dogs and rabbits

Any larger dog and rabbit whose weight is more than 8 kg including the container will be transported inside the AC cargo hold of the flight.

Restricted breeds

There are some breeds which restricted by the Lufthansa such as fighting dogs, snub-nosed animals and more.

Pet travel alone

Any pet travel unaccompanied, then one will be required to follow the rules and restrictions prescribed by the particular country. In such conditions, the pet will be transported as cargo and some charges will be applicable as per the route and flight type.

By following the Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy which is described-above can help to book flight for your pet. But in case you are not capable of understanding the pet policy or have any query, then contact the customer service team to get the latest information.

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