What is The Pet Reservations And Policy Of KLM Airlines

Traveling along with pets is bliss for all pet lovers. Pets are the best friends of humans and this is completely understood by KLM Airlines. This is the reason that KLM Airlines offers a flexible pet policy to travel with pets. Also, if you're planning to make KLM Airline pet reservations, you should go through the given information.

How to Make Pet Reservations on KLM Airlines?

The pet reservation process of a pet on KLM Airlines is quite simple. All you need to contact the KLM Airlines reservation center. As you book your flight tickets, you need to contact the reservation center within 48 hours. You need to make separate KLM Airlines pet reservations. But before doing so, you must go through the pet policy mentioned below.

KLM Airlines Pet Policy for Pets in the Cabin

KLM Airlines allows you to travel along with you on your Economy Class cabin on most of the KLM flights. Some of the Business Class flights to Europe fulfilling the given requirements:

  • The pet must be the age of more than 10 weeks.
  • Also, the pet should be covered in a bag of max 46 x 28 x 24 cm (L x W x H) suitable for pet travel. In the container, the pet must have space for standing and laying down comfortably.
  • The KLM Airlines pet policy also says the weight of the travel bag or container must not exceed 8 kg or 18 lbs along with the pet traveling through KLM Airlines.
  • In addition, the pet container should be in a way that it can fit under the seat in front of your seat. You will not be allowed to take the pet out of the travel pet container during the journey.

KLM Airlines Pet Policy in the Hold

Almost on every KLM Airlines flights, you can travel along with your cat or dog in a ventilated part of the hold. But you must fulfill the given requirements:

  • As per the KLM Airlines pet policy, the pet must be the age of more than 10 weeks.
  • The pet should be travel through a container that complies with IATA rules.
  • The weight of the travel bag or container must not exceed 75 kg or 165 lbs along with the pet traveling.
  • Two adult pets of comparable size weighing up to 14 kg each and compatible with each other can travel together in a container. The same rules apply for 3 pets up to 6 months old of the same pet with a weight of 14 kg each.

Get All Information About Pet Policy of KLM Airlines Around the Clock

After getting every bit of information about the pet policy of KLM Airlines, now you can travel with your pet without any trouble. On the off chance, you have more questions to ask, you can contact the KLM Airlines pet reservations support team. You will get all the required details from the experts who have experience of many years. And you won't see any kind of hassle. So, dial the number +1 (803) 373-8382 and get assistance at any time from anywhere.

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