JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy

Everything That You Need to Know About JetBlue Pet Policy

Are you an animal lover and have dreams to travel with your cuddly pet on-board? Well, JetBlue is an airline which offers you with this benefit. The airline has introduced a special policy for the passengers who wish to travel with their pets. 

However, the benefit provided comes with some applicable conditions which one can get to know once they have complete details about JetBlue pet policy. So, for the passengers who are willing to travel with their pets and have no clue about the pet policy, here they will be provided with the complete details and manage their booking accordingly. 

What is the pet policy of JetBlue? 

For the passengers who are not aware, JetBlue has introduced a special provision for passengers traveling with their pets. Further, there are a few pointers that require to keep in mind before booking their reservations with pets. To get complete information on this, the passenger can either contact the reservation center of the airline or check out the below points for complete information. 

Major pointers of the pet policy

  • As per the pet policy of the airline, the passengers are allowed to carry small dogs and cats that are FAA-approved. 
  • Further, for booking pet travel, it is required that the passengers inform the airline in advance. 
  • Also, one pet is allowed per passenger. In case, if the passenger wishes to travel with more than one pet, it is required that they contact the reservation center of the airline. 
  • Moreover, this service is available for first come first serve basis. Hence, it is required that passengers contact the airline in advance for confirming pet reservations. 
  • Also, pets are not allowed on the flights traveling to Jamaica, St Lucia, Barbados, and Trinidad. 
  • For pet travel confirmation, the passenger is required to provide vacation details and other documentation required for pet travel.
  • Besides, it is required that the pets are carried in a proper carriage with the dimension of 17X12.5X8.5. 
  • Also, the airline has even introduced a special list for restricted animals which one can easily check at the official website of the airline or contact the airline support. 

Hence, this was the complete details about JetBlue Airlines pet policy. Still, if the passenger has any query they can feel free to contact the reservation center of the airline and plan their trip accordingly with their pets. 

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