What is the Group Booking Procedure in Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is the largest airline of Japan operating flights all over the world with a maximum fleet of flights and destinations. And hence if you are making a journey anywhere to and from, you can book a flight with Japan Airlines immediately. 


Traveling in Groups with Japan Airlines

Japan Air provides all kinds of flight reservations whether you are traveling individually or in a group. If you are traveling in a big group and decide to fly by Japan Air, then you have to follow Japan Airline Group travel policies. To find out about the details of the booking, tap below. 


Process of booking flights for a Group in Japan Airlines

  • Traveling in a big group always has its perks and excitement. And if you want to travel in a group, there are different steps of reservations in Japan Airlines. Tap below and go through the steps before making reservations. 
  • Before moving to the steps always keep in mind that if the number of people in your group is above 10, then you have to make reservations through the Group booking of Japan Airlines. 
  • You can only do group booking in Japan Airlines and hence you can only make reservations until a month before the flight's departure. 
  • There are no online reservations links on the website. You have to fill a Group traveling form that you can either download from the website or request on the ticket counter.
  • Fill in the names, gender, and age of all the people traveling in the group and submit it. The reservation team will contact you back.
  • You can even call upon the helpline number for reservations and request them to guide you with the formalities of the group travel reservations. 

Perks of Traveling in a Group Flight

  • As they say, the more the merrier! Hence if you decide to travel by air in a group, there are a lot of other perks of group travel. 
  • If you are traveling in a group of more than 10 people, the airline also gives attractive discounts on the ticket. 
  • You can pick your own seats in the flight without any hassle. 
  • On the airport, a big group traveling together also gets priority check in and separate waiting area till boarding. 
  • And if your plan changes and you want to cancel or change your flight of group travel, you can do it all together without having to do separately. 

And hence you can follow the above guidelines and do your Japan Airlines group bookings. In case of doubts, contact customer care team. 

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