Cancellation Policy Of Japan Airlines

How To Cancel A Booked Flight With Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines understand the fact that every time things doesn’t go according to the plan that is why they allow the passengers to cancel a flight with them. If you have also booked a flight with Japan Airlines that you want to cancel now then first of all you must know the terms & conditions of the cancellation policy followed by them.

Japan Airlines follows a proper cancellation policy that describes the terms & conditions of cancelling a flight with them.

If you want to know Japan Airlines Cancellation policy go through the points discussed below:

  • If you are cancelling a flight with Japan Airlines passenger within 24 hours from original booking time and the flight is scheduled to depart after 7 days then you don’t need to pay any extra charge.
  • If you are cancelling a flight after 24 hours from original booking time than you have to pay additional charge know as cancellation fee. Also make sure that the scheduled departure of such flight is after 7 days.
  • Japan Airlines passengers must cancel reservations before the departure of first flight.
  • Japan Airlines flight cancellation fee varies and depends on the fare rules of the particular flight.

How to cancel flight with Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines passengers can cancel a flight online or they can also contact their reservations department and ask them to cancel ticket on their behalf. Japan Airlines online cancellation process is discussed below:

  • Open Japan Airlines official website and click Check/Change booking section
  • Click Change/Cancel/Refund option and then tap the link Cancel my reservation online
  • JAL member have to provide their membership number and pin to login
  • Nonmember have to provide details like passenger’s first and last name, boarding date, flight and reservation number then tap search
  • Then select the flight you want to cancel from the list and tap Cancel button
  • JAL will send cancelled ticket confirmation message to you

Hope you have clearly understood Japan Airlines cancellation policy mentioned above and how to cancel flight online with them. Contact Japan Airlines customer support for more details.

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