Is Lufthansa a Good Airline?

What Makes Lufthansa a Good Airline?

When it comes to traveling with flights, Lufthansa is one such name that crosses the mind. It is a certified 5-star airline for its quality, safety, and start services. It also provides special services to the customers who require it. The airline allows all groups of people to travel with it with its budget-friendly prices.

If you are willing to know is Lufthansa a safe airline, the answer is affirmative. You can book the flight tickets from the comfort of your home or contact customer support to purchase the tickets. Below are some more qualities of the airline that can help you make a rational decision to choose Lufthansa for your next trip.

6 Facts That Make Lufthansa A Good Airline

The airline has many qualities and features that help passengers travel without trouble. Here are the highlights of the airline that make it the first choice of the travelers and prove it one of the best options to pick while planning a trip.


The airline has a budget for all groups of people. It is divided into four classes so that passengers can select the class as per their budget. Besides, it has the following options that help your pockets:

  • The travelers can earn the miles each time they book the flight ticket and get discounts while booking the flights.
  • They can also book the vacation packages provided on the homepage of Lufthansa to get the best deals.


Lufthansa covers 220 destinations, including both domestic and international locations. If you wonder is Lufthansa a good airline for international flights, you need to drop all the worries. You can find many airline hubs that allow all the passengers to have a smooth booking procedure. Moreover, it has long and short-haul flights that will enable them to book tickets for longer distances without exertion.

Special services

The airline has different facilities for the people who need extra services while flying. Hence, it provides them

  • Wheelchair facility
  • Services for pregnant passengers 
  • Pet services
  • Carrying extra luggage
  • Assistance for accompanied minor
  • Sitting facility for infants or children below the age of 2


The safety of a passenger is essential; therefore, the airline assures its customers to have a safe and sound flight. There is a technical team dedicated to checking the engine and other things like

  • Oxygen masks
  • Emergency gates
  • Seat belts
  • Medical/ First Aid kit
  • Sanitization and use of HEPA filters in flights during Covid times

Flexible policies

There are times when the travel plans don't go as we planned. Due to that, some of them need to cancel or change their reservations. In such cases, the airline allows a flexible cancellation or manages to book using an online website or customer service. Besides, you can also request a refund from the airline.

In-flight services

The airline has different inflight services like

  • Desired meals depending on the booking class
  • Beverages 
  • Drinks 
  • Wi-Fi
  • In-flight entertainment

Get in Touch with Lufthansa Customer Service for Help

The customer service team of Lufthansa is very cooperative. The passengers can find the customer support option on the Help page. From there, they can call the airline and make the booking easier. You can also visit the customer support desk of the airline to get a smooth boarding.

So, these are some of the many reasons why Lufthansa is an excellent airline to choose. You can book the tickets in First, Business, Economy, or Premium Economy class as per your budget and get to your favorite destinations. Moreover, you can call the Lufthansa Airlines live representative to help you book or manage your flight. What's the wait when you know all the good things about the airline? Sit on your system and make the bookings with Lufthansa wherever you want.

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