Is Delta a Good Airline?

Is Delta Airlines Good? And Should You Pick It For Your Next Trip?

The journey is more beautiful than the destination, and traveling through air certainly makes it a solid argument. So what makes an airline good? Is it its safety rating, or is it the extra services it provides?

When people look for an answer, they want multiple parameters answered. Read through and see if you can find your parameter concerning Delta flights.

Is Delta A Safe Airline?

The safety of an airline is calculated by taking many factors into account. To answer this question in simple words, Yes, it is the safest. If people are to believe the Safe Travel Barometer, this airline managed to reach the highest place. This airline peaked the rating by getting 7/7 stars on airline rating sites and grabbing a place on the top ten safest planes by the US. There are many reasons why this airline is so popular, and safety is one.

After discussing safety, let's move to the next most significant concern," Is Delta a good airline to fly internationally? People are usually concerned with the price and documentation process, and the more straightforward and cheaper an airline can make this, the better it is.

Scope of International Travel

Not many people travel internationally daily. While people plan their trip to international locations, finance and the availability of options are also important. You will get a massive list of destinations to choose from. It can take you to 325 different locations spread across 52 countries. Delta manages more than 5000 flights daily. In fact, in 2021, CNBC said Delta is the best airline in North America.

What Are The Categories Used For Judgement?

  • Flight management: Booking and Check-in are straightforward and hassle-free. People can even book their flights through mobile apps or involve a third party to make arrangements on their behalf.
  • Flight Entertainment: Long trips can be very tiring and exhausting. Most of the time, people can either sleep, read a book or play the same old boring offline game. But Delta came to the rescue. They give free wi-fi on the flight and a massive selection of movies, TV series, and other shows. Watch it on the screen present at the back of every seat. 
  • Flight Experience: From different snacks and beverages to comfortable legroom, Delta takes care of all. Passengers gave this airline more than 95% for cleanliness and food services. 
  • Delta Miles Program: Flying does not come cheap, domestic or international. But Delta Airlines knows how to look after its passengers. The airlines offer miles programs that allow customers to get benefits like flying with their partner airlines, staying at partner hotels, getting services like rental cars and trips on cruise lines across the globe. Travelers need to pay some fixed amount to reach the miles card, and they can keep using it and keep adding more value to these cards as they travel. 
  • Most Minor Flight Cancellation: People don't cancel their flights for personal reasons only; airlines are often equally responsible for this decision. Their lack of customer service, onboard services, timely schedule, and comfort during flight is also reliable. It was concluded that Delta Airlines has the record for the least number of flight cancellations compared to other airlines.

Hence, Yes! It is good. Choosing this airline won't only assure good money management but also the most pleasant trip you could ever imagine, and now that you have everything you need, you decide if this is enough to make your travel easy, cheap, and fun.

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