Is Alitalia Going Out of Business?

A Path Full of Hurdles for Alitalia Airline Flights

Alitalia Airlines was once the flag carrier airline of Italy. It was once the largest airline in its region and was known for its scheduled passenger flights to international and domestic destinations.

Over time, Alitalia has delivered numerous flights to major destinations and has maintained a well-established base in the aviation segment. However, maintaining a particular rhythm can sometimes be hard for an airline in the aviation industry, which happened with Alitalia Airlines. If the question ‘Is Alitalia going out of business?’ comes to your mind and you need to have an instant answer to this query of yours, keep on reading because the following will help you instantly understand the reason behind why Alitalia Airlines ceased its operations and discontinued from the aviation department.

Is Alitalia Airlines Still Operating Flights?

The downfall began when Alitalia Airlines provided only short-haul flights, and shortly Alita Airlines ceased its operations. However, Alitalia Airlines has international and domestic flights, but ITA provides the operations. The same name still knows it, but ITA has taken over the flight operations. One of the major reasons for this scenario was the pandemic that shook the aviation industry, as international and domestic travel was banned for a long period. It was a really hard time for several airlines. Alitalia going out of business made ITA take over and continue with flight operations with the same number. You can book your international or domestic airlines/flight tickets with the help of visiting the official Alitalia Airlines website, but ITA will handle the flight-related operations. If you have any queries related to Alitalia Airlines flight booking, you can contact their customer support team and speak to one of the available support executives for proper resolutions.

How to contact the Alitalia Airlines Customer Support Team?

You can contact the Alitalia Airlines customer support team and speak to an available representative by briefly going through and following the points listed below in chronological order;

  • Visit the official Alitalia Airlines website with the help of a browser of your choice.
  • Once the web page loads completely, scroll to the bottom and locate the ‘Support’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Contacts and assistance’ option present under the ‘Support’ category.
  • It will redirect you to the official ITA website after that.
  • Go to the bottom and navigate through the ‘Contact Us department.
  • Call the number present at the bottom of the page.
  • Once the call connects, you’ll have to select and go through the official call IVR procedure.
  • Press the narrated numbers as per the IVR instructions to connect with the Alitalia Airlines support department and speak to a live representative.
  • Wait for the call hold time to end, and a live Alitalia Airlines representative will connect with you on the call.
  • You can speak with the executive and get the required resolutions for your instant benefit.

Therefore, you can call the Alitalia customer service phone number and speak to an available representative regarding your concerns and problems with the Alitalia Airlines services.

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