Is Aer Lingus a Good Airline?

This airline is an Irish flag carrier. The government of Ireland created this airline, but it got privatized from 2006 to 2015. Now is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Airline Group.

But when people ask if an airline is good or not, they are not asking who owns the airline, but more about its safety, fares, policies, services, flight experience, etc. So to clear this doubt, here is how Aer Lingus Airlines is viewed professionally and by its passengers.

How Safe Is Aer Lingus Airline?

The airline has an outstanding record of 7/7 in safety rating. The editor-in-chief of Independent. ie website Geoffrey Thomas publicly stated that Aer Lingus remains one of the safest airlines with zero fatality rate to date. This airline was present in the top ten safest airlines to travel with, among other testimonials. What's even better is that this airline is pocket friendly as well. Hence the title of "safest low-cost carrier." Therefore if you are racking your brains thinking, "Is Aer Lingus a safe airline?" then understand that yes, it is, and you are in good hands when traveling with them. It received 4 stars from Skytrax World Airline Awards, which makes it the first Irish airline to receive such a good rating.

Once safety and money are resolved, people want to know about the destinations to fly to. Being safe and cheap is no use if you have no place to go. So in terms of international traveling, what can one expect from this airline?

International Travels

Aer Lingus provides a wide variety of destinations across Europe and many to the North American region. It has 16 direct routes to the North American area. Many might be wondering, "Is Aer Lingus a good airline to fly internationally?" You will be happy to know that it has 67 aircraft operating under its umbrella and covers 100 destinations in Europe and the U.K. The international policies are also passenger-friendly and easy to follow.

Available Other Services

Now comes the part which makes all the travelers the most curious, what are the services that travelers get to experience during the flight? If you are interested, then read on because there is no service that Aer Lingus Airlines fails to provide, and this list is proof of this.

Seat Management: passengers can choose their flight while booking, after booking, and during on-boarding. 

Wi-Fi Availability: passengers can avail the internet connection to use their preferred streaming apps and other services.

Entertainment: You have the option to play your shows on their devices, much like using Chromecast. You have to downtown their app, connect to their Wi-Fi, and start casting your shows on their screens. 

Other services: Additionally, there are several other services available as mentioned,

  • Boutique
  • Cara Magazine
  • Digital Magazines and Newspapers
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Irish food and Different variety of Snacks
  • Lounge (for business class)
  • More Leg Room

Not only this, but their customer care is also well structured. The helpline executives are brilliant at their work and available at your beck and call. This airline believes in providing not just a mode to travel but also an experience that will biome a part of your sweet journey. For assistance and queries, please get in touch with helpline executives.

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