How to Get Free Messaging on United?

United airlines grant you to reserve flight tickets and mileage plus award tickets at their website. Travelers want to stay connected on the plane during the flight journey. The phone calls and network facility are not available on the United Airlines flight. By this, united airlines provide a free messaging system so that you will not be disconnected from the surroundings. You can access the WIFI facility from your preferred device, like a laptop, phone, or tablet. Therefore to get free messaging on United Airlines, you can check the below information. 

United airlines WIFI pricing:

The WIFI prices will depend on the arrival destination and the flight duration. The WIFI price will vary between $8 to $10 as per the departure. The mileage plus members must pay 1600 miles from their account and get the Wi-Fi facility. With this, you will get free messaging during the travel and other benefits accordingly. 

Some Advantages of united WIFI and free messaging:

You will be eligible for various benefits when you get the united WIFI feature. But to avail all the benefits of free messaging, you need to be aware of some terms and conditions mentioned below:

  • When you pay for the united WIFI subscription, it will be non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • The WIFI facility is eligible for a valid time indicated at the time of purchase. 
  • The united WIFI feature is only accessible on their flights or united express. This will apply to the particular region and duration of the flight. 
  • Depending on the network connectivity, the operating WIFI bandwidth is limited to the number of users or travelers. You will get WIFI access according to the satellite within US and Canada. 
  • The WIFI and free messaging apply to one device per user. 
  • You can change the WIFI subscription from one region to another region. It would help if you bore the fare difference according to the particular country/region.
  • With the help of Wi-Fi, you can do free messaging, WIFI calling, watch movies, tv shows, listen to music, play games, connect to social sites, etc. 

Procedure to use the united free messaging:

It would be best if you got the united WIFI to use the free messaging. Moreover, you can connect on the United Airlines customer service number or follow the below simple steps:

  • Firstly, you need to open the official web portal of united airlines.
  • After this, you can log into the account with the correct username and password.
  • With this, you need to proceed toward the WIFI option and get the same.
  • From the list of bookings, you need to choose the flight where you want the free messaging and WIFI feature. 
  • You can select the appropriate subscription and pay for the same using several modes. 
  • United airlines will deliver you the confirmation of having WIFI access to the particular flight journey.

Furthermore, you can connect with their customer service team if you need help getting the facilities online. You can use the United airlines customer service phone number at 1 (800) 864-8331 and listen to the IVR instructions. Once your call connects, you can ask them about the free messaging services.

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