How to Book Flight Tickets for Handicapped?

Traveling with handicapped sometimes becomes herculean when you are not aware of the policy and services of the airlines. You can easily reserve a seat for handicapped along with the helping aids that are provided by the airline. Passengers are offered with the option of "requires special assistance" note while making the reservation. Passengers can avail wheelchair for their journey and a personal attendant for the help.

Easy Seps to Book Flight Tickets for Handicapped

Do not get hassled while planning a trip along with a handicapped passenger as most of the airlines introduces special assistance for the handicapped passengers. Here are the steps to book flight tickets for handicapped:

  • Open the booking API and choose the flight type.
  • Enter the details and mention your boarding city, destination and the date of your journey.
  • Select the number of travelers for the journey and then tap the SEARCH FLIGHT option.
  • Select your preferred flight and also mention the cabin class.
  • Proceed with your booking and tap the NEXT button to make the payment.
  • You will get the option to add special assistance for the journey. For the additional aids for the handicapped, you can select the helping amenities that are available at the airport.

In compliance with the regulations, the handicapped passengers are provided with reduced mobility and offer special check-in and boarding services. Additionally, for any query regarding how to book flight tickets for handicapped, you can contact the customer service of your respective airline or can reach any travel agent.

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      • Valuable article for handicapped peoples if they want to know the procedure of how to book a ticket in their desired flight. Just call them and they will let you know all the pocedure of booking in flight..
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