How to Book Flight Ticket for Infant?

Go Through Following When You Need to Book Flight Ticket for Infants!

If a person needs to take a trip to a destination with an infant, there are certain rules and regulations that have been made concerning the health of the infant. So, when you need to take flight tickets for infants, go through following rules and regulations:

  • Only the children who have the age above 7 days and are under the age of two years concerning travel date are allowed to travel.
  • Age proof has to be provided during check -in.
  • Valid ID proof has also to be given for infants that could be vaccination certificate, birth certificate, hospital discharge summary and passport.
  • In case if there has been failure to provide age proof, then, there could be penalty from airlines side. In general, one might have to pay full fare.
  • An infant is not provided separate seat. An infant has to sit on the lap of the person who is carrying the infant.
  • There is also restriction to the number of infants who can be carried per flight.
  • One has to go through airlines rules and regulation, however, for quick assistance one can contact the customer care.

There is baggage allowance imposed for an infant:

  • Maximum weight for each baggage has not to be more than 7 days and dimension range is 55cm X 35cm X 25cm.
  • Also, there is restriction on check in baggage weight limit that could be within the range of 15 kg to 30 kg. Total of the dimension of the baggage for check in is of 158cm that includes length, width and height.

There could be changes in the baggage allowance depending upon the region of flight and many more, so, while booking you can take the assistance of customer care of the concerned flight.

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