How to Book Flight Tickets for Dead Body?

It is not possible to define the emotional agony you will be going through if any of your family members dies. The situation turns worse if the person dies outside the country or continent. So, you need to carry the dead body as soon as possible. A few things are there that you need to keep in mind for carrying the dead body. You need to collect some certificates. Here we go with the complete list of documents required for booking a flight.

  • Get a Death Certificate from the hospital.
  • Freeze at hospital mortuary or arrange for freezing in the nearby government or Private Mortuary.
  • Collect a police clearance or NOC from police from the nearest police station.
  • Arrange an Embalming service and get a certificate for that.
  • Arrange a coffin box along with a coffin box certificate.
  • Get a clearance certificate from the concerned Embassy.
  • Get your cargo clearance.
  • Book Mortuary ambulance.
  • Book cargo ticket.

To get your cargo clearance, you need to keep the copies of the photo, ID, death certificate, police NOC, post-mortem copy, embalming certificate, coffin certificate, embassy clearance (for an international patient), passport (for an international patient), and receiver's contact details in case of non-accompanied transport. For booking a ticket, you are suggested to make a direct conversation the helpdesk professionals of that particular airline company and ask how to book flight ticket for dead body. The helpdesk professionals of most of the airline company are committed to serving the domestic and international travel aspirants.

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