How to Avoid a Convenience Charge During an Air Ticket Booking?

Go Through Following Hacks to Avoid Convenience Charge for Booking Your Flight Ticket!

If a passenger uses online service of booking the ticket and making the payment through online portal, then, one is charged the fee to use online portal for booking. The fee is known as convenience fees. There are certain ways to avoid convenience fees and there are following explanation to avoid convenience charge during air ticket booking:

  • Check if you have got any promo code, if it is so, then, you can apply the same onto your booking and get the discount.
  • Another way to avoid convenience fees is to do all the proceedings and fill the information online on the page and if the airline that you are booking into has the option of putting the ticket on hold, then, go to the airport and make the payment at airport.
  • This process works as follows:
  • Once you fill all the information, a PNR is generated and typically PNR remains
  • valid for upto six hours if the payment is still to be made. So, go to airport and make payment within 6 hrs.
  • If it is impossible for you to go to the airport, the best way is to search for the airlines on website that charges less or not at all convenience fees.
  • Besides, there are many online portal that book the ticket and might not charge any booking or convenience fees.
  • Also, search for travel agent to do the booking and compare if the booking fees is less than that imposed by airlines.

Above given tricks are hacks that can save anyone from paying any extra cost. Go through any of the above mentioned procedure to get your ticket booked.

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