How to Arrange Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport?

Ways Through which You can Arrange Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport

A wheelchair can be arranged for needy persons at the airport. For this , one has to notify the Airline through which one is flying at the time of booking or at least 48 hrs prior to flight and the traveler can specify the needs that one wants during or after the flight. Wheelchairs are made available at all airport locations and the airlines assist the passengers in need with transportation from the terminal entrance or if required from a vehicle drop off point near by the entrance to the boarding gate, if required making connections. It could also be transportation from aircraft to the entrance of terminal or it could be a vehicle pick up point at the destination.

But it it recommended that before travelling one should review the wheelchair guidelines.If required call on Airline customer service line. Some airlines allow to carry your own wheelchair, however, lithium ion battery is removed and packaged and stowe in the cabin. Some airlines allow to carry on detachable items like seat cushions and footrests.

A traveler need to check the size requirements before flying before flying if the traveler brings one’s own wheelchair. Make sure that your persona wheelchair fits the size requirement to bring on the plane. You can check the website of the airline or for quick assistance call on Airline customer service to check the sizing restrictions before flying.

  • Every airline has different size specifications. However, the typical size requirement is 33in x 34 in.
  • If the wheelchair is too large that it cannot be brought on board, the wheelchair can be stowed in the Cargo area and one needs to use wheelchair of the airport t get around the airport.

Needed further assistance call your travel agent or call the customer service of the airline through which you are flying.

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