How strict is Icelandair Carry On?

Icelandair is a widely reputed flag carrier of Iceland that operates scheduled flight booking services to various destinations. It provides better facilities for carry-on bags at no cost when you go through the complete carry-on requirements strictly. Likewise, when you fly with any airline, checking out the cabin and check-in baggage allowance is essential to ensure that you will suitably have sufficient baggage requirements with a limited size and weight allowance. If you ask how strict is Icelandair carry-on, you can turn up at the airport with more baggage allowance dependent on your class of travel, your fare type, and whether you are traveling on an international or domestic flight on Icelandair at a specific time.   

How strict is Icelandair carry-on?

When you travel with any hand luggage, you must meet carry-on size restrictions that might vary between the airlines you choose. Therefore, when you plan to travel to your required destination, you need to understand the requirement for the baggage carry-on services by just making the Icelandair customer service phone number suitable. You will read specific principles for how much baggage you can take, including your cabin and check-in baggage allowance, the fee involved, and the restriction you need to be aware of before making your flight journey with Icelandair.     

Strictly learn carry-on and Iceland cabin baggage allowance:

  • You can plan your travel to your dream destination but be aware that the carry-on baggage allowance is strict as per the classes and fare type below.
  • When you select Economy light, standard, ‘flex, and saga premium, you can carry-one one bag of 6 kg on domestic and carry-on one bag on international flights.
  • If you add any additional personal item, its size should be at least 15.7 x 11.8 x 5.9 (40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm) or less.
  • The maximum carry-on luggage size must be around 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm), and the total weight should be approximately 10 kg.
  • If you are a Saga flex passenger, you can carry on at least two bags and avoid adding personal items strictly.
  • You are lucky enough to fly Saga premium or Saga premium flex, which permits you to carry on at least bags with a max weight32 of kg.
  • If your bags fail to meet these requirements, you will not be able to check them, or it may ask for extra charges.
  • When you go for the last-minute baggage check-in, Icelandair charges you a fee of around $50 per baggage.
  • Check-in baggage size in length 55 cm + width 40cm + height 20 cm of any check-in bag 20kg, 23kg, or 32kg may not exceed 158cm, including handles and wheels.

Icelandair always assists you with limiting the size and weight of the carry-on for safety. It suggests you carry on limited items with baggage allowance restriction that prevents overhead bins from being overfilled or overweight, enabling you to fight unnecessary air-related problems. Hence, Icelandair is tremendously strict about carry-on size and recommends that all passengers follow guidelines perfectly. If you want more details about it, dial the Icelandair customer service number, is can be approachable to assist you with the proper carry-on guide at a specific time.

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