How Much Does It Cost To Change Flight Date Lufthansa?

Cost To Change The Flight Date Lufthansa

Lufthansa is the largest German airline headquartered in Cologne. It covers more than 200 destinations and provides the best services to its users. However, many such situations occur where one has to change the flight date.

This airline lets their users change flight's date online or by calling at Lufthansa customer service phone number. Most of the customers get confused about the flight change fee. If you are in similar situations then read further.

Essential Points on Which Flight Date Change Fee Depends

  • Date change is possible only when flight tickets allow you to do that
  • There are no fixed charges for the date alteration. It can vary from $250 to $1000
  • You can change date only when you apply for it at least 12 hours before the departure
  • For last-minute changes, you might have to bear some additional charges. It depends on the type of ticket and the class you are traveling
  • You do not have to pay any charges if you are a member of the flyer program
  • You can easily find the additional cost. All you have to subtract the new flight ticket’s fare from the old one. All you have to pay the difference and additional fee if any
  • If you are traveling with economy or the lowest business class, then you can upgrade your seat on the new flight. All you have to pay the extra fare

Steps of how you can reschedule online then go through the below-discussed points.

  • Visit the official website of Lufthansa airlines
  • Go to the manage my booking or trip option
  • Fill the box with all necessary details and select the booking and click on change date
  • If there is any kind of charge then you can see them on screen. You can make the online payment and complete the process

In this way, with the help of Lufthansa phone number, you can change your flight’s date. However, the online method is fast and you can perform it any period of the day.

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