How much does it cost to change a flight with EVA Air?

A traveler might have to pay a considerable flight change charge to bring necessary changes to their existing reservation. You might have to pay around 50 USD to 400 USD against the changes and ensure that you provide an authentic document supporting the reason for the flight change. 

The cost to change a flight with EVA Air usually depends on the fare type you choose while booking the ticket. However, if you complete the changes within the standard period decided by the airline, you can skip paying the charges. Find more about the flight change terms and conditions released by EVA Air.

When can you make flight changes on EVA Air?

Before you proceed forward to learn about the terms and conditions associated with the flight change policy of EVA Air, you must know whether you qualify for the change or not. Check the given circumstances under which you are eligible for a flight change:

  • You could make considerable changes to your reservation if you purchased the ticket directly from EVA Air.
  • The access you are buying must align with the law as stated by the airline.
  • Also, you can make changes only if your flight has not already taken off.

If you qualify for the flight change criteria and need to know about the EVA Air flight change cost, check out the next section. Below, you can find all the essential regulations imposed by the airline for travelers who wish to make flight changes before departure.

EVA Air Flight Change Policy

Below-listed is a set of policies imposed by EVA Air to accommodate the changing needs of its travelers:

  • You can complete the process without paying extra charges when you change the flight on the same day of its booking.
  • However, if you missed the 24 hours free change period, the airline imposes flight change charges depending on the routes and fare type of the ticket.
  • As per the new regulations, you can change your current reservation's route, destination, date, and name.
  • Also, if you make the changes for genuine reasons and inform the airline beforehand, you might get a waiver on the charges.
  • If you make changes at the airport, you are also subjected to pay administration and applicable flight change charges.
  • When you have a refundable or membership ticket from EVA Air, the airline waives the charges and allows you to make necessary changes for free.
  • The airline accepts the change request only if you do it online or use EVA Air's physical reservation center; however, you can contact the agents to process the change.
  • Lastly, contact them for further amendments if you booked a ticket from a third party.

Now, you know about EVA Air's cost to change flights, so what are you waiting for? Remember when travelers had to compromise and take the same flight anyhow? But, if you have an EVA Air reservation, you can bring crucial amendments to your current itinerary and lead a comfortable and joyous ride to your destination.

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