How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight Date with Avianca?

Changing a travel date can be risky if you need to pay more change fees than your ticket price. But if you have made the booking with Avianca Airlines, you can cut some slack in the change fee. Moreover, if you change the flight date within 24 hours of booking the tickets, you don't need to pay any change fees.

However, the minimum cost to change a flight date with Avianca is $25-$150, depending on your booking class and change time. If you want to know better about the change fee or other policies, check the article below. Once you know all the policies, make the changes using the online customer service portal of Avianca.

Important Flight Date Change Policies of Avianca

Here are some important flight change policies of the airline you must know before making the changes. Knowing the right policy while managing your booking can help you save some money with the airline.

Avianca Airlines Flight Date Change Fee

  • The minimum change fee starts from $50 -$150, depending on the time of changing the date.
  • Along with that, you need to pay the fare difference for the new flight. If the new flight costs less than your current flight, you can get the LifeMiles for a different amount.
  • If you have purchased a ticket for Economy Class, you must pay $500 and the fare difference, or passengers can dial 1 (800) 284-2622/1 (806) 482-2622 for help.
  • For the passengers with Flex Class, the date change fee is $150, excluding the fare difference.
  • If the passengers have a ticket for Promo Class, the change fee is $700 along with the fare difference.

Avianca 24 Hour Date Change Policy

  • If a passenger changes the flight date within 24 hours of booking the flight, there are no change fees.
  • The 24-hour policy is not applicable for the changes made in the last 24 hours of scheduled departure.

Other Avianca Flight Date Change Policy

  • As per the Avianca change flight date policy, you can only change the date of your trip if any flights are traveling to the selected location on the chosen dates. If no flights are traveling, you have to rebook the flight after canceling it.
  • The date change with the airline is only allowed 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure. If you have to change the flight after that, immediately contact the customer support team of the airline and tell them your situation.
  • You can change the flight only from the platform where you made the reservations. For example, if you have booked the flight online, visit the Manage Booking section and make the changes. However, if you have made the booking through an agency, call the travel agent for help.

These are the important policies of the airline when it comes to changing the date after making reservations. Hopefully, you have a good idea about Avianca change flight cost. If you want to know the exact amount of the fees, visit the airline's website and check the fee using the fare calculator. You can also get the customer support of Avianca to have a hassle-free change and a comfortable flight.

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