How Much Does Avianca Charge to Cancel a Flight?

Are you facing difficulty in continuing the trip? Avianca Airlines lets you cancel your reservation for free if you do it within the risk-free period. Not all tickets qualify for a risk-free cancellation; some of you need to pay cancellation charges ranging between $25-150. 

However, you must comply with the airline’s cancellation policy to avoid paying the Avianca flight cancellation charges. The charges imposed depend on the fare type you book and the time of cancellation. Need more information? This article contains all-inclusive details regarding the cancellation charges and their conditions.

Cancellation Charges at Avianca Airlines

Once you ensure that you have a valid Avianca ticket before seeking the cancellation, you can take an overview of the charges imposed by the airline:

  • The airline allows you to process the cancellation without paying a single penny if you do it within a day of the ticket purchase.
  • However, to enjoy the 24 hours cancellation rule and skip paying the charges, the airline requires you to book the ticket at least seven days before the scheduled departure.
  • The airline imposes administration charges between 25-150 USD depending on the fare type you choose while booking the ticket.
  • But, if you fail to cancel the reservation within the risk-free period, the airline needs you to pay 80% of the total ticket value.
  • Are you aware of the rights if the airline cancels the reservation, and how much does Avianca charge to cancel a flight? Well, you do not need to pay anything in such a scenario. 
  • However, if you booked your ticket from a travel agent, you need to contact them for the procedure. But if you process the cancellation online, you need to pay the full airfare against the cancellation.

It is important that you know the cancellation charges and how you can skip paying them. Next section deals with the efficient list of effective cancellation policies mentioned by the airline to benefit travelers facing troubles with their journey.

General Cancellation Policy: Avianca Airlines

The main intent of the cancellation policy is that the process becomes even more passenger-friendly. Below highlighted are those flexible policies to suit your reference:

  • You could cancel the ticket for free only if you shopped for the ticket directly from the airline. If you booked your ticket from a third party, the airline doesn’t take responsibility for the cancellation.
  • You do not qualify for a refund if you cancel the reservation after the departure of your chosen flight.
  • Furthermore, the airline needs you to pay the full fare against the cancellation if you fail to cancel your reservation at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Now you have a round figure of how much does Avianca charge to cancel a flight? So, ensure that your ticket qualifies for the cancellation, keep the terms in mind and then process the cancellation to receive an eligible refund. Moreover, if you require any professional guidance on the matter, the Avianca Airlines customer service doors are always open. Reach out to the airline and find an instant solution to your concerns!

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