How many times can you change a flight Vueling?

Vueling Airlines is one of the prominent airlines as they deliver the utmost facilities worldwide. Due to unforeseen situations, you must change the Vueling flight ticket before departure. In this case, passengers ask How many times they can change a flight Vueling and get the new journey. According to the Vueling airlines, you are allowed to change the flight ticket only once before the flight departure. To make changes to the itinerary, you must understand the rules and regulations. Following is a detailed description of all the points.

Terms and conditions for Vueling airlines flight change:

  • Commuters have the feature to change the Vueling flight ticket within 24 hours of the purchase at no charge. According to this rule, you must have bought the flight ticket a week before the scheduled departure. If you change the flight ticket after 24 hours, you must calculate the fees accordingly. The change fee will vary from euro 60 per ticket type to new travel dates.
  • Once you change the flight journey, you will find the higher prices for the new trip. In this case, you need to pay the difference and complete the process.
  • If the difference between the existing journey and the new flight is less, Vueling airlines will issue the travel credit. You can use the credits in future reservations.
  • Passengers can change their flight ticket up to 2 hours before departure.
  • In case of exceptional circumstances such as health issues, pregnancy, court summons, etc., you can change the journey free of cost.

Procedure to change the Vueling flight ticket:

When you understand the rules regarding the flight change, you can get the new journey online. Therefore, to change a flight Vueling, you can follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you can navigate the official website of Vueling airlines.
  • Then, you can choose the manage your booking handle available in the travel section.
  • You can add the reservation code with the passenger's last name.
  • Once you tap the retrieve button, you will see the reservation details on the new screen. 
  • You can choose the flight you want to change and tap the change flight button. 
  • You can add the new travel dates and search for the flights on the next screen. 
  • You will get the list of flights departing at your destination from which you can choose the appropriate flight.
  • You can move to the new screen and make the payment if any.
  • Once you pay the fare difference, if any, your flight change will be completed successfully. 
  • Vueling airlines will deliver the confirmation message on your mail with a new e-ticket. 

Although, you can connect with the customer service team of Vueling airlines. They will help you to get the new flight journey. You need to dial the Vueling customer service phone number 011 34 931 51 81 58 and follow the automated voice commands. Once you press the button, your phone will be assigned to the representative immediately. 

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