How Long will I be on Hold with American Airlines?

Procedure to Hold American Airlines Flight

It is straightforward to hold your fare with an American airline. You need to make sure that you have followed the correct procedure. This policy helps you when you’re in two minds, whether to book that particular flight or not. So you need to follow the flight hold policy and the procedure. After that, you’ll be able to hold the flight without any delay.

Holding your flight makes you hold your flight for 24 hours. That means, if you’re not sure that you want to book a particular flight, you have the facility to reserve your seat and fare on one flight, and at the same time, you can look for other flights. Later on, within 24 hours, you’ll have the opportunity to either book the flight or cancel the held reservation.

To make the decision of booking the held flight or to cancel it, you would need to visit the option of “Manage to book.”

To know the complete process of how to get hold of American Airlines. You need to follow the process below. 

Procedure to make the booking:

  • Go on the official website of the American airline.
  • Now you need to tap on the button “Manage to book.”
  • You would need to enter the booking reference number and the surname.
  • Once you have entered that information, you would need to click on the “Search flight button.”
  • Once you’ve got your booking, then you need to open it.
  • After opening it, you’ll see the flight status on hold. If you want to make the reservation, you would need to continue with the payment. In case you wish to cancel it, then you would need to click on the button to cancel. 

That is it. It is that simple to hold your flight or cancel the owned fare. 

Flight hold policy:

  • You will be able to hold your flight for 24 hours.
  • Within a 24 hours time period, you would need to decide to book the flight or cancel the flight.
  • In case you cancel your held flight within 24 hours, then you’ll get the refund of the “Hold my Flight” payment in your account within 7-10 days.
  • If you book your held flight, then your flight had cost will get adjusted in the booking cost. In that way, you will not be charged anything extra for the flight hold facility. 

Hopefully, your query is cleared. So, if you face doubt again then you can follow the above-mentioned procedure to remove your doubt. You can even call American airlines to hold a time phone to take the help of customer support. Have a nice flight.

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