How Long It Takes to Get Refunded from Saudi Airlines?

If your flight is eligible for a refund, the airline provides you within 45 days from the day your application processes. Mostly, you receive the refund money credited to your account immediately or within 24 hours. But if something goes wrong, then you might face a delay in receiving a refund.

But if you wonder how much it takes to get refund from Saudi Airlines, it takes nothing, and you can get a refund immediately. All you need is to request a refund by going to the website of the airline. Also, you can connect with an expert on the support team to ask for a refund.

Apart from this, you can read the information available here before you request a refund. With this, you might not need to pay some additional charge while canceling your tickets. And get a full refund for your Saudi Airlines website.

Important Things to Ponder While Requesting a Refund on Saudi Airlines

  • When you cancel a flight ticket on Saudi Airlines within 24 hours of the ticket purchase, you might not need to pay the cancellation charges.
  • The 24 hours refund policy applies to the flight tickets purchased seven or more days before the departure. Otherwise, you have to pay the cancellation charges even if you cancel your tickets under 24 hours window.
  • Also, if you book refundable flight tickets, you get a refund, but on booking a non-refundable flight ticket, you don't get a refund. You might get travel points after the deductions.
  • Additionally, when you cancel a flight booking on Saudi Airlines, the refund gets processed via the same mode of transaction. And you get the refund in the same currency.
  • Once you request a refund, the airline process the refund immediately. On the off chance you find it challenging to get a refund or you face any delay, contact the bank or payment interface.

After knowing this crucial information, you can get refund from Saudi Airlines without any hassle. Moreover, if you need to learn more about the cancellation procedure, the given instructions would help you.

How to Cancel a Flight Ticket on Saudi Airlines?

  • At first, open the Saudi Airlines website.
  • Then go to the Manage Booking section and choose Refund.
  • On the Refund page, you see the Submit Your Request option; click it.
  • After that, you need to type the Ticket Number, Last Name and click Verify.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and complete the request.

With this, you can claim your refund for canceling your eligible flight ticket. The moment the process completes, you receive a confirmation from the airline on the registered email address.

Aside from this, if you still have more questions related to Saudi Airlines refund policy or cancellation procedure, you can contact the support team. The reservation experts are available day and night over a phone call. You can dial the helpline number and get in touch with the support team agent. Also, the representative will assist you thoroughly without any delay. So, make a phone call and get complete details.

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