How Long is the Hold for Delta?

Delta Airlines is a major US-based airline rated a four-star certification due to the quality of products and services it provides to its customers. If you wish to get help from the team, you can get through the same with different contact options. The calling process is the best mode to get through to the team, but at times due to the huge volume of calls, you can get through with the team and request a call back to avoid the long hold time. Read the information below so that you can get help when the hold time is long enough for you to wait. 

How long can Delta keep you on hold if the lines are busy? 

At times, due to a huge rush over the call and chat lines, the airlines keep you on hold. To avoid these, you can request a call back from them. But the maximum number of hours till which you can be kept on hold and to know how long is the hold for Delta is till 24 hours. 

How to place a callback with Delta Airlines? 

There are several modes available through which you can request a callback from the team. These ways are explained well below: 

Place a Call back through the callback request form 

You can place a request to receive a callback through the callback form. You can get the form by following the given steps: 

  • Finger through the webpage of Delta Airlines, 
  • From the need help tab, click on the help center option and reach out to the help page of Delta Airlines. 
  • Then, scroll down to the comments and complaints section. 
  • Select the callback form from the drop-down. 
  • Then, you will get a paper. Please fill it out and then submit it. 

Through the call process, place a callback request.

You can also place a callback request through the call. You can call Delta Airlines Phone Number 800-221-1212 and go through the IVR. After that, wait for an agent to connect. At times, the hold time extends for a long time. After this wait time, you will again get another IVR; follow the same to place a request. The IVR is as follows: 

  • Press 0 to disconnect the call. 
  • Press 9 to wait for more. 
  • Press 8 to set a callback request. 

Place a request for a callback by sending an email. 

You can also request a callback from Delta's customer service team through email. All you need to do is, draft an email requesting a callback explaining your query, and then you can send it to the official email address of Delta Airlines, After reviewing your question, the team shall get back to you within 24 hours of the time you have sent the mail. Through email, you can get a callback at the earliest possible time, and you can also get help as per your requirement. 


The information given above must be enough for you to place a callback request with the team. If you have any other queries, contact Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number or get through their website to seek help. 

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