How Long is Hold Time for WestJet?

WestJet is one of the most passenger-friendly airlines. The airline is loved and appreciated for all the assistance they provide its travelers. So, if you are wondering how long is hold time for WestJet for the customer service department is, then it is 4 minutes 50 seconds. 

However, if you are put on hold one of the communication methods call on 1 (888) 937-8538 / 1 (828) 977-8538, you are always welcome to try all the other ways to contact customer service. You can know the techniques and the steps included within them with no effort, as mentioned below. 

Methods to contact WestJet Airlines

Through Call 

  • You can call on the official WestJet number, 1-888-937-8538. In the first place, you will hear the IVR connecting with you. 
  • It connects with you for a reason: it has got to ask you the language you are comfortable speaking with the assistant. 
  • Press the number as per your language, and then it will ask you why you called the customer service of WestJet airlines. 
  • Then, you will click on the number associated with your calling request. And, then the IVR will take a few seconds to connect you with the assistant. 
  • You can share your concerns with them as soon as you join. 

Note: Often, the passengers call on the same number for all kinds of queries, which makes the line go busy. So, the airlines have come with various Westjet customer service numbers. You can call on the number simultaneous to your calling request and get their exact assistance.

  • Sales and Services - 1-888-937-8538
  • WestJet Vacations - 1-877-737-7001 
  • Lost and Found - 403-444-2581
  • WestJet Cargo - 1-866-952-2746
  • WestJet flights - 1-888-937-8538
  • WestJet TTY - 1-877-952-0100.
  • Germany - 00-800-5381-5696
  • Spain - 00-800-5381-5696
  • France - 00-800-5381-5696

Now, calling them is not a matter of time as their calling facility is available 24 hours, 365 days. The service is open for you. However, the WestJet Vacations are only daily from 6 a.m to 10 p.m. MT. So, you can call during those hours. Nevertheless, these are the Westjet customer service phone number. If you still have to wait a while, you can refer to the other contact method listed below. Continue reading further to know about it. 

Via Live Chat 

If calling makes you wait and you need a quick resolution, it is always Live chat for you. You can chat with the airlines with the steps written below. 

  • You need to visit the official website of Westjet airlines. 
  • Locate the Live chat option in the bottom left corner of the webpage. Click on the opportunity, and you will figure out the virtual assistant of WestJet, Juliet. 
  • You can have a conversation with Juliet. If it can, it will help you. Otherwise, it will connect you with a human assistant who can solve all of your issues. 


The most exemplary communication methods are mentioned above, and you can assist in whatever way and at any time, as both methods allow you to interact with the services throughout. 

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