How Long Does It Take to Get Refund from Qatar Airways?

Know More About Qatar Airways Flight Cancelation and Refund

Admittedly, refunds are the only thing one can have on their mind after a rough flight cancellation, as one wouldn't lay waste to the considerable amount of money used to purchase the reservation.

Qatar Airways has an efficient system of processing refunds on flight cancelations, and the whole process revolves around the guidelines stated in the Qatar Airways refund policy. Those who have had their Qatar flights canceled recently can go through the below-mentioned paragraphs to know more about how to get refunds.

What is the Refund Policy of Qatar Airways?

  • If a flight is canceled within 24 hours of the booking and the booking was made before a week of the flight departure, no cancelation charges will be applied, and a complete refund will be provided regardless of the ticket type.
  • After 24 hours of the booking, the flight cancelations will invite cancelation charges depending upon the flight route, destination, and ticket type.
  • Refundable tickets can raise a refund claim after 24 hours of the booking, and the refund amount will be the total price of the ticket minus the cancelation charges.
  • Nonrefundable tickets cannot raise a refund claim on any part of the ticket, including government costs and taxes.
  • Partially used refundable tickets can still get a refund on the unused part of the ticket.
  • No refunds are provided in case of a no-show.
  • In case of flights canceled by Qatar Airways, complete refunds will be provided to all passengers.

How Long Will the Qatar Airways Refund Take?

The refund will be reflected in the original bank account within 7-21 days after starting a successful refund. Those who use a credit or debit card to book the flight and are asking, "How long does it take to get a refund from Qatar Airways?" can expect a shorter refund processing of 7-10 days.

How do I Get a Refund from Qatar Airways?

A refund on a canceled Qatar Airways flight ticket can be raised by contacting the original vendor from whom the flight ticket was purchased. If one got the flight booked via a third-party vendor like a travel agent, the same vendor would deal with cancellations and refunds for the flight ticket. For those who got the flight booked from Qatar Airways, the Qatar Airways website can be used to raise a refund. However, a refund will be raised only for confirmed canceled flights.

Via Website:

  • The Qatar Airways homepage has a "My Trips" tab that can be used to manage one's reservations.
  • Click on the said option, and search for the flight using the reservation details of the flight.
  • Once the browser loads the flight itinerary of the ticket, select the "Cancel Flight" option under "Modify."
  • The cancellation portal will open and confirm the cancelation by paying the cancelation fees as asked by the browser.
  • A refund request option will be made visible, and one can click on it.
  • An email stating that the cancellation was successful will be sent to the relevant email address, and it will also contain a refund link if eligible.
  • Alternatively, one can also fill out a refund request form available at the bottom of the Qatar Airways website and submit it to start the refund procedure.

Qatar Airways Customer Service

If the Qatar Airways website is inaccessible, one can call on the Qatar Airways customer service phone number 1 (877) 777-2827 to reach out to a live Qatar agent and seek assistance on any cancelation and refund-related concerns. After verifying the reservation details, the live agent can cancel a flight and start the refund request.

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