How Long Does it Take to Get Refund from Aeromexico?

When can I expect a refund from Aeromexico?

It takes around seven to ten business days to get a refund from Aeromexico Airlines. The airline makes the refund processing formalities easier for its travelers by making everything online. Also, the time to process a refund depends majorly on the payment method you used to pay the ticket fare. So, your refund processing time may vary with other travelers, but you surely get the eligible money as soon as possible.

Do you wish to know about the procedure involved and the considerations to take to get a refund from Aeromexico? This article has an all-inclusive guide about requesting a refund and regulations tagged along with it. Let’s learn more about it!

Steps To Request A Refund: Aeromexico Airlines 

Here are some highlighted steps to keep in consideration to make the refund request even more seamless:

  • Open the official Aeromexico Airlines website and look for the Your Trip section.
  • You get a drop-down menu; fill in the requested credentials like the reservation number, ticket number, and your last name to access your reservation.
  • Once you submit the details, the airline redirects you to your reservation; choose that particular reservation you wish to cancel.
  • Follow the cancellation procedure and then pay the applicable charges.
  • You get the refund request link upon confirmation of the cancellation.
  • Please fill out the Aeromexico refund request form and submit it to help the airline process the refund as soon as possible.

It is important to bring into your knowledge that Aeromexico does not provide refunds for all the tickets. To get a refund, you must qualify for the basic terms and conditions mentioned by the airline. To help you lead an effortless seamless, the next section covers all-inclusive details about the refund terms and conditions.

Refund Terms and Conditions at Aeromexico Airlines

It takes around seven days if you wonder about how long does it take to get refund from Aeromexico. Moreover, the points mentioned below can guide you clearly regarding the terms and conditions associated with Aeromexico Airlines:

  • The airline has recently eliminated the cancellation fees for First Class, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class, escalating the chances of a full refund.
  • If you face a change of plans, you can cancel your reservation by paying the cancellation fees, and you receive the rest in the registered account.
  • You could benefit from the Cancel Flight feature online only if you booked the ticket directly from the airline. If you booked the ticket from a travel agent, you need to coordinate with them for further proceedings.
  • The cancellation policy implies both restricted and non-restricted fares; check your eligibility before you request a refund.

Using the mentioned steps and conditions, you can process the refund seamlessly. But what if you get stuck somewhere in between the refund? You can rely on the Aeromexico customer service phone number to get professional help. The agents have enough experience to guide you efficiently about refund-related troubles. You can even ask them to process the cancellation and refund on your behalf; you need to pay an administration fee if you seek their help!

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