How long does it take to get a refund from Korean Air?

Korean Air is the National and flag carrier airline of Korea. It is also the largest airline in its region when measured by its fleet size, number of international destinations, and international flights. Korean Air provides the best possible international flights and has a prominent name for scheduled passenger flights.

Getting a refund in the aviation industry can sometimes feel monotonous and challenging. If you have a flight booking or a reservation with Korean Air and canceled it due to unavoidable circumstances, now the only thought that haunts you is. 'How can you get a refund from Korean Air?' If you are going through the same problematic dilemma, in that case, you don't have to worry anymore because you've come to the perfect place. The following points will help you get the perfect picture of the Korean Air refund procedure.

Korean Air Refund Policy

If you wish to get a refund from Korean Air, you'll have to ensure that you meet the Korean Air refund policy. If you do not meet the below-listed criteria, you'll not be entitled to a Korean Air refund, and you cannot claim the same;

  • You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel your Korean Air flight tickets within 24 hours of making the purchase, and your scheduled departure date is seven or more days from the cancellation date.
  • If you have a business class ticket, you'll be entitled to a full refund if you cancel anytime before seven days of your flight departure.
  • If you meet the above points, you can initiate the refund request via your original booking method.
  • You can only get a refund from Korean Air if you purchase a refundable ticket.
  • The refund takes 7-10 business days to be credited, and the refund will be credited according to your original payment method.

How to get a refund from Korean Air?

You can get a refund from Korean Air with the help of following the points listed below in a hassle-free manner for your benefit;

  • Visit the official Korean Air website with the help of your internet browser.
  • Locate and click on the option 'Find Trips' on the website.
  • You can then enter your Booking reference or ticket number to access your Korean Air flight booking.
  • The following page will showcase all of your Korean Air flight ticket bookings.
  • Now, click on the option 'Claim a refund.'
  • Fill out the 'Korean Air Refund Request Form' on the following page.
  • Once you fill out the Korean Air refund request form, please send it to the reservations team of Korean Air.
  • After submitting your request, you can call the official Korean Air support number to speak with an executive regarding your request.
  • Your refund request will be initiated after that.

Henceforth, Korean Air gets a refund can be processed with the help of the steps listed above, and you can expect the refund to reflect in your account or card within ten business days.

How long till I can get a refund from Korean Air?

If you wonder how long it will take for the refund to reflect in your account, the duration varies depending on your payment method. If you paid with the help of cash or cheque, you could expect the refund to reflect in your bank account within seven business days. If you paid using a credit card, the amount would be added to your next credit cycle within 20 business days for your benefit.

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