How long does it take to get a refund from Aegean Airlines?

Aegean Airlines allows passengers to cancel their flight tickets and get a complete refund if they cancel their flight tickets as per the airline's refund policy. If the passengers want a refund from Aegean Airlines, they must know the airline's refund policy and the process required to get the refund.

Aegean Airlines'Airlines' refund policy

  • As per the 234 hours risk-free period, the passengers can get a complete refund of their flight ticket if they cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours of making the reservation. However, this rule applies to reservations made at least seven days before the scheduled departure. 
  • If the passengers cancel their refundable flight tickets, then they will get a refund after the deduction of cancellation charges. 
  • If the passengers cancel their non-refundable flight ticket, they will receive the travel credit when they cancel. 
  • Suppose the flight ticket is canceled due to any medical emergency or the death of a close relative. In that case, the airline will refund the flight ticket, provided the passengers have submitted the necessary documents supporting their reason. 
  • If the airlines cancel the flight ticket, they will be locale to provide the passengers with an unlimited amount of their flight ticket as a refund. 
  • Suppose there is a delay of three hours in the scheduled flight departure, and the passenger also proceeds with the flight cancellation. In that case, they will get a complete refund of their flight ticket amount and compensation for the inconvenience caused by the delay. 

The process to request a refund from Aegean Airlines

The passengers can make a refund request through the Aegean Airlines Customer Service Phone Number or online on the airline's official website. The process to initiate the refund request is simple and quick and is mentioned here. 

  • The foremost step is to get onto Aegean Airlines and look for the ''Manage Booking'Booking' option. 
  • Enter the PNR number and the last name of the passengers to proceed further. 
  • Once you get onto the available flight page, select the flight on which you have made the reservation. 
  • Look for the option of ''flight cancellation'' and follow the on-screen process to cancel your flight ticket. 
  • Once the cancellation process is complete, you will receive a link on your screen to initiate the refund process. 
  • Fill out the form with all the details and mention the reason for your cancellation. 
  • Once you submit the form, you'll receive the confirmation in your registered email. 
  • If you made the reservation of your flight ticket through cash or cheque, you might have to mention the bank account details.

How long does it take to get a refund from Aegean Airlines?

The refund time depends upon the mode of payment. If the price for the reservation is made through a debit or credit card at the time of reservation, it will take up to seven business days for the refund to proceed through your original mode of payment. If the passengers have made the reservation of their reservation through cash or cheque, it may take up to 20 business days for the passengers to receive the flight ticket refund.

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