How Long Does a Refund Take from Avianca?

Nobody likes to spend extra money without any reason to save money for a good cause. Keeping in mind this situation, when passengers have booked their flight tickets on Avianca Airline, they have canceled the flight tickets due to some unavoidable scenarios. You can easily ask for a refund from the airline to get your money back from the airline. Some passengers also have questions about How long does a refund take from Avianca? Avianca Airline, a Colombian airline, has multiple facilities for its passengers, providing instant refunds without any delay. You can easily cancel the flight tickets and get a refund by following a few steps:

Refund Policies of Avianca Airlines

Before you go through the refund procedure for the airline, you need to check out Avianca refund policy and their terms and conditions for the refund to avoid any confusion. The policies are as follows:

24 hours cancelation policy

  • Under 24 hours cancelation policies, travelers have to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking the flight tickets to get a free cancelation and full refund from the airline.
  • After 24 hours of booking, you have to give cancelation charges to the airline for canceling tickets, or they might get deducted from your refund amount.
  • You can only cancel your flight tickets until 24 hours after the scheduled flight time. The flight tickets are lapsed, non-refundable, or used are not applicable for a refund.
  • You will be charged according to the type of flight tickets booked by the passengers for their journey.

The Process to Get a Refund from Avianca Airlines

If you wish to obtain your refund from Avianca Airline, you have to go through the policies and rules of the airline and, after that, the process. The steps to claim a refund are as follows:

  • First of all, visit the official website of Avianca Airlines. 
  • Click on the Manage Booking option, and you will see different sections, tap on the cancel section.
  • Now enter the details of the tickets and click on the cancel button. Your flight tickets will get canceled by the airline, and you will get notified.
  • Soon after that, go to the help center and then tap on the refund link. A for tab will prompt where you have to enter the credentials as asked for claiming a refund.
  • Submit the form. The airline will accept your request and credit the refund amount to your account. 
  • If it seems impossible to you, contact the customer service assistant or your travel agent to help you with the procedure.

How Long Does Avianca Airlines Take to Return a Refund?

Know how long do Avianca refunds take to give passengers refunds back to their account.

  • First, you have to claim a refund for your canceled flight tickets.
  • Once the airline has accepted the refund request, they will provide you a full refund for your canceled flight tickets instantly to your account.
  • It can also depend upon the payment type of the airline.
  • If they have made an online payment, the airline might take 7 to 14 business days to return the refund or passengers can dial 1 (800) 284-2622/1 (806) 482-2622 for help.
  • The airline will return the refund for cheques or cash payments within 28 days.
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