How long do BA refunds take?

When passengers claim a refund from British Airways, they often ask how long BA refunds take? Maximum times the airline generates the procedure of claiming a refund instantly. If passengers want their refund to be credited to their account, it will get back into the account within three to five business days. 

British Airways is considered one of the major airlines in the United Kingdom. Being one of the best airlines, it also renders multiple facilities to its passengers, one of which is policies to follow before claiming a refund from the airline. 

Refund policies of British Airways:

Many passengers need to be made aware of the terms and conditions of the airline and have queries regarding How long do British Airways refunds take? The policies of British Airways will inform the passengers about all the rules, and they are given in the below section:

  • According to the 24 hours cancelation policy, passengers must cancel their flight tickets on the same day of purchase for a full and final refund.
  • There will be cancelation charges that can be withdrawn from the refunding amount if the cancelation is done after 24 hours of booking.
  • The refund is transferred to the passenger accounts after three days of claiming the refund.
  • The cancelation charges of the flight ticket depend on the flight tickets they have reserved. 
  • There is no refund for flight tickets that are non-refundable, lapsed, or used.
  • Make sure that flight tickets are canceled, and the notification is sent to the passengers. 
  • The cancelation can be done 24 hours before the flight's departure time. 

Follow the steps to claim a refund from British Airways:

After the passengers have gone through the terms and conditions of the airline, they can follow the steps to request a refund for the travelers. The ways are explained:

  • Go to the official British Airways site on a web browser. 
  • On the airline's homepage, tap the 'manage trip' section.
  • Enter the PNR details of the flight tickets on the dashboard popped on the screen. 
  • After that, tap on the cancel flight tickets and cancel the flight tickets. 
  • Soon after, search the 'request a refund' link from the manage booking section.
  • The application will prompt on the screen in which passengers have to enter their last names of the passengers, and ticket numbers.
  • Submit the form to the airline. British Airways will have a look at the application.
  • If the form is eligible for the refund, passengers will get a full refund on their account the same way they were paid.
  • If there is any refund deduction, it is because of the cancelation charges. 
  • If these steps are a bit difficult for the passengers, they can even ask their travel agents to cancel the flight tickets and request a refund from the airline. 


These steps will help the passengers claim a refund from the airline and know when the airline will give the refund back. For more information, call British Airways Customers Service Phone Number, and connect to the customer service person of the airline. 

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