How Long Can You Hold a Flight Reservation?

Hold A Flight Means?

Hold a seat reservation means that you keep a seat to yourself for some limited time as the airlines do not allow passengers to hold the ticket for much time. It is best to keep your seat reservation on hold if you are not sure about your trip but at the same time, you don't want to lose the seat.

How Long Can You Hold A Flight Reservation?

The maximum hold time that many airlines have is 24 hours. Few airlines have policies to allow their customers to hold their flight for more than 24 hours. There are few airlines that do not charge you anything for 24 hours but charge you the extended hold charges. There are few airlines that charge for the hold reservation fee and along with that if the customer is willing to extend their hold then charge for the extension as well.

The airlines do not give the hold reservation for a long time because it might be possible that you do not book your ticket then the airlines can lose their potential customers. So the answer to CAN YOU HOLD A FLIGHT RESERVATION? is YES.

How To Book?

  • Booking a flight reservation on hold is a very simple method.
  • Book just how you used to book your regular ticket.
  • After choosing your destination, on the next page, you can see the option on the left-hand side for hold reservation.
  • Click on that then your flight reservation will be on hold.
  • If the airlines are in charge of the hold then you will be directed to the payment page and if not then your reservation will be on hold.
  • If you wish to extend your hold reservation, then also you will see the option of extending our hold.
  • Click on that and you will be directed to the payment page. The amount will be deducted from your account automatically
  • You have to pay the fixed amount which will not be returned. The amount is nonrefundable. You will get the confirmation by mail about your extension.

If you want to book your flight then you can but if you do not want to book any flight ticket so you can leave as it is. It will be automatically canceled after your time express.

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