How do I Submit a Covid Test to American Airlines?

American Airlines is a US-based carrier airline that flies to over 100 destinations at several domestic and international airports. If you also have a booking with them, you can feel free to go through the services that they provide. They have a user-friendly portal that provides all the information that a traveler might require in a very easy and understandable manner. If you are flying to any destination for any business trip, a holiday trip, etc., you must get the required documents to the airport so that your immigration or boarding can be done easily. After the pandemic has hit, one important document to be carried out is covid test reports.

What are the different COVID requirements to fly with American Airlines?

If you are flying with the airline, you also must be aware of the American Airlines COVID test requirements international flights, which you must carry with you to the airport for both international as well as domestic flights: 

  • Negative COVID test reports of tests done within 72 hours of the departure
  • Face masks and face shield
  • Vaccination proof 
  • With covid, positive results of over ten days, they can carry their negative test report and travel
  • For travelers below two years of age, only COVID negative test results are required. 

How to submit a COVID test report?

Before traveling, you must submit the covid reports online mode and must also carry these reports with you to the airport so that the required overviewing can be done. To know about the process to submit these documents are as follows: 

  • Download the mobile application of American Airlines and sign in to the user account. 
  • Then, go to Get ready to fly section banner. 
  • Once again, download veriFLY.
  • Then, retrieve your booking using the last name and booking reference number of the passenger. 
  • Enter the required details for your destination. Also, provide your personal information as per the requirements. 
  • Then, upload your documents and COVID reports and tap on the submit button. 
  • Now, you will get the verified status of the submitted reports, which you can use while checking in for your flight or while boarding the aircraft. 

Are COVID reports required for domestic flights? 

The answer to the question, does American Airlines require COVID testing for domestic flights, is yes. Whether you are flying internationally or you have a flight within the country, you will need documents of COVID negative reports so that you can fly. If you are confused about how to get the tests done, then you can reach the web page of the airline and navigate to the COVID-19 testing page. Here scroll down to the Testing partners section. You will find various trusted partners of American Airlines, with which you can get your covid tests done. 

Also, to know about the required documents in detail, you can navigate to the Travel and health restrictions by destination and avail of the required information. 

To learn more about American Airlines flying rules COVID, you can go through the information that is available on their website, or you can also choose to contact the customer support of the airline, where any executive shall connect to help you with the queries you have regarding the COVID requirements. 

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