How do I Skip Waitlist on United?

Want to Skip the Waitlist on United? Get the Complete Information Here

It's been seen that while the flight is fully booked if passengers want to book the flight, United airlines keep them on the waitlist. Waitlist is a system where you are on the standby list for a seat, and if someone cancels the flight or is a no-show, you are placed on the vacant seat.

Waitlists never guarantee a flight seat; however, you can try a few options to skip that waitlist. In this article, you will learn about several ways to skip waitlist on United Airlines and go through it to stay aware.

Different ways to Skip waitlist on United Airlines

Here are some practical ways to skip the waitlist; go through them and use the most suitable one. 

Use the frequent flyer miles

The frequent flyers at United can use these options. If you are a frequent flyer, you can use the miles you earned to book a seat on the flight that is on the waitlist. The process is known as mileage upgrade, and to do that, you can contact the United Airlines reservation department or via United Airlines app.

Keep an eagle eye on cancellation

You must keep checking for cancellations on your flight. In case a passenger cancels the booking, the seats are available, and it's essential that you contact the airline immediately to grab them.

Be Flexible with the travel dates

When you are flexible, you may get a seat on a flight that is outside of the waitlist. Most of the time, one or two days of flexibility make a big difference, and you are able to skip the waitlist.

Stay connected with United Airlines

Make sure you are in touch with United regularly. They are the most updated ones, and if you remain in contact with them, you will be the first to know about the vacant seat. You can stay in touch with United by calling the United Airlines customer service Number 1-800-864-8331 or using the United Airlines app.

Consider the connecting flight

If the flight you desire is full, it's best to consider the connecting flight. United Airlines has a vast network, and you might get a seat on a connecting flight if a nonstop flight doesn't have one.

Book early

If you wish to book in the United, the seats are released well in advance. In that case, if you book early, the chances are rare that you will be kept on the waitlist. You can get a seat in the desired fight without any hassle.

Try a travel agent

Travel agents, most of the time, have access to seats that are not available to the public. If you contact them, they might provide you with a seat and help you to skip the waitlist. 

Summary: Being on standby or waitlist can be quite frustrating; however, using the tricks and tips above, you can avoid the waitlist. Also, it's always a good idea to book the seat in advance and get the desired one. Reading the information above, hopefully, you got the clarity. In case you have any confusion or need additional information, you can always call on United Airlines customer service Phone Number and speak to customer service directly.

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