How do I Skip Delta Hold Time?

Considering you have booked tickets on Delta, you should get in touch with Delta airlines for your post-booking queries and concerns. But unfortunately, your call did not connect with Delta airlines customer service due to the dynamic network on Delta number, and the hold time was prolonged. So if you want to understand How do I skip Delta hold time  to clarify the doubts and queries, you can read the ways explained below:

Ways to skip Delta hold time:

Call back request: If you are calling customer service and the call goes on hold, you can opt for a call back from customer service at your convenient date and time to discuss your issues and get assistance. To avoid Delta hold time, try the steps given below:

  • Dial +1 800 221 1212
  • Hear the IVR 
  • Press the key meant for the callback request from Delta customer service with the mention of chosen time and date.
  • There will be no waiting period on this mode, and you can avoid the inconvenience of long call hold time. Delta customer service will call you at the mentioned time and help you with the issues.

Use Delta frequent flyer Number: If you are a regular flyer with Delta airlines, you will get a few preferences like membership on the frequent flyers list of Delta airlines. You will be provided additional ways like an email or a different number through which you can easily reach customer service and skip Delta hold time. You will be prioritized on the passenger list whenever you travel with Delta Airlines.

Send a direct message on Social media: you can send a message for an instant response from Delta Airlines. The social media handles effectively connect with customer service for urgent queries or complaints. Following are the social media platforms of Delta Airlines:

  • send your query messages from the Facebook messenger page and get immediate attention.
  • if you have any complaint or grievance, the Twitter page will be appropriate to convey the message to Delta customer service.
  • Linked for business-related queries, you can go through this page to connect with Delta airlines.

Use reference telephone numbers: you can reach Delta airlines customer service for assistance through the numbers for particular queries and concerns. The number is given according to the 

  • concerned departments, for example
  • For sky miles members:800 323 2323
  • For flight information: 800 325 1999

These numbers of Delta airlines are usually less busy than the customer service number available on Delta's official website. You can quickly get through the call and speak to a customer service person to resolve the issues.

Delta airlines app: if you download the Delta airlines app on a mobile device, you get a couple of extra benefits. you can log in to your delta account to communicate through a live chat with a delta customer service person, or you are provided with regional office numbers for contact.

Therefore to avoid Delta hold time, kindly read the above-described ways and get answers to your queries and doubts without any hassles of call waiting.

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