How do I Send Flight info on iMessage?

There is a facility on all Apple devices to track your flight through iMessage and obtain all the current information about your flight. iMessage has a flight tracker that doesn't require you to download any apps or websites, as they recognize all your data. All you need is your appropriate flight number to obtain the current information about the flight on the iMessage. In this situation, many passengers ask how I send flight info on iMessage for the latest details. Hence, you can read further and acquire all the details.

  • Firstly, you need to open the iMessage app on your suitable device and check for the conversation where the airline has sent you the flight details.
  • After that, you need to enter the airline name with the flight number and tap on the send button.
  • With this, you need to tap on the message that appears as a link and select the preview flight button from the drop-down section.
  • The flight details will be open on the new screen in the iMessage itself, and the information has everything like arrival, departure, duration, and baggage claim. 
  • You will also see the flight status, whether it is late or canceled. 
  • You can pan and zoom the map to see if the plane is in the air and preview the details.
  • The iMessage feature is best to use when taking off the flight within 24 hours.

Use the flight tracker through lookup:

The flight tracker works best on the iMessage to obtain all the information quickly. Also, you can send flight info on iMessage through the other apps with the help of the below simple steps:

  • Sometimes you save the flight number on the notes app for future purposes. 
  • The flight details will not appear as a link that you can select accordingly. 
  • You must highlight the flight information and select the Lookup option on the screen.
  • You will see the flight tracking information under the flight option.
  • You can also look for the map to check the current location of the plain.
  • Using the iMessage flight tracker feature saves time as you don't need to surf the website and locate it accordingly.
  • You can use the flight tracker feature or send or receive flight details anytime and anywhere.

If you cannot use the iMessage feature, you can proceed to the official website of your airline and select the flight status option. You must add the flight number with the passenger's last name and retrieve the reservation. You will see the current details of the flight on your screen.

Moreover, you can also connect with the customer service team of your airline to obtain detailed knowledge. They will help you to acquire the flight info on iMessage anytime before the departure. Therefore to get in touch with the representative, you can check the multiple contact modes on their help page and talk to them.

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