How Do I Select Seats on GOL?

GOL is a South American Airlines situated in Brazil that provides domestic and international flights to its passengers. The airline is well-known for providing the best services to its agents and complete assistance. Apart from that, the passengers can Select Seats on GOL during the flight booking process and at the time of check-in. The airlines also have the in-set power to charge your electronic device during the flight. The airline allows its passengers to check in 24 hours before the scheduled departure of their flight and selects their preferred seat.
You must follow a specific process for seat selection during the flight booking and at the time of check-in. But before that, let's understand the policy related to seat selection.

GOL Airlines seat selection policy

  • Per policy, you can select a seat at the time of flight booking or within 24 hours of the Booking. In that case, you can make the seat selection without any additional charges. 
  • The passengers can also select seats during online/airport check-in if the Passover doesn't make the seat selection. In that case, the airlines allow the sweat to them as per the availability.
  • The passengers can select their preferred seat by calling the GOL Customer Service Phone Number. During the process of check-in, they choose their preferred seats.
  • The passengers have to pay the amount of $30-$40 at the time of making the seat selection to choose their preferred seat.

Process of Seat Selection with GOL airlines

At the time of Booking

  • Get onto the airline's official website and initiate the Booking process.
  • When you enter the section where you have to select the flight class, get into the seat map, and select the seat as per your comfort.
  • Follow the necessary process to pay for your flight ticket, after which you'll get the confirmation and e-ticket on the registered Email.

At the time of Check-in


  • The passenger can proceed with the online check-in process 4 hours before the flight departure.
  • Get onto the official website and click on the 'check-in' option, after which you have followed the on-screen process.
  • Get onto the set chat where you can choose the seat per the availability. The process is further to make the payment as per your selection.
  • Once the process is completed, you'll receive the boarding pass at your email address which you can show at the airport during boarding and claim your selected seat.


  • There are two ways to do the offline check-in: one is at the airline's airport.
  • And when you proceed to the airport check-in, make sure you tell the agent at the desk about your seat preferences. The agent will provide you with the seat according to availability.
  • After which, you'll be asked to make the necessary payment and proceed towards boarding.
  • The other way to do the offline check-in is by calling the airline's customer care executive, or the airline's agent, completing the check-in process, and booking your seat as per your preference.

For any related query and help, you can get the GOL Phone Number on the Help center page of the airlines or trusted support and quick help if you get stuck in between the process of reservation or check-in or need assistance with seat selection with GOL airlines.

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