How Do I Select Seats on Delta Airlines?

Travelling via air is always the best approach to reach your preferred destination and it becomes more amazing when you travel by seating on your favorite seat. But there are many situations that take place when you forget to select your seat during the booking and then airlines assigned you the seat as per their choice. But if you have booked a flight ticket with Delta Airlines, then you can still select a seat as it allows the passengers to select their seat. You can purchase seat assignments in advance by paying some fees. You can dial Delta Airlines phone number to get the relevant information about the seat selection from the professionals or you can also follow the mentioned instructions.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

  • You can purchase a seat selection in advance for a fee or you will be assigned a free seat at the airport after check-in.
  • Seat selection in Basic Economy fare doesn’t mean that you will get a seat next to your friend’s seat, or same cabin. It is always subjected to seat availability and the decision will be based on the airlines.
  • The seat selection is best applicable for those who make their reservations seven days before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • The seat selection fee starts from $10 and it increases as per the passing days and hours that depend on the ticket or your route type.

Process to Select a Seat on Delta Airlines

You can select a seat of your choice online after purchasing the seat selection with the help of the below steps:

  • Go to the official Delta Airlines website.
  • Log in to My Trips using your booking details.
  • Click on your flight for that you wish to purchase a seat.
  • After that, click on the Select Seat option.
  • Now check the available seats and then pick a reliable one.

In case you still not able to select a seat or need any kind of assistance, dial Delta Airlines customer service phone number where you can contact the customer service team for getting effective assistance on seat selection regarding queries. You can also resolve the other queries related to Delta Airlines in a very simple manner.

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      • When I go through the app, choose a flight & bring up the seating chart, it does not let me click on an available seat???

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