How do I See my SkyMiles History?

SkyMiles is a Delta royalty program that offers various facilities, such as class upgrades and early check-in. You can also get facilitated for reserving seats for your companions if you plan to book a flight ticket for a last-minute tour. You want to know How do I see my SkyMiles history; last-minute travel may get expensive and might shake your pocket-friendly budget, so if you have the proper knowledge of your SkyMiles history, then you can quickly understand where and how to spend these miles for a better experience in your traveling internationally or domestically.

Besides this, if you want to check SkyMile's history, then there are a lot of methods available over the official website of the airline and other alternative options you will learn after you read the below passage as here you will have to manage those modes step by step for appropriate guidance.

Essential methods to go through for SkyMiles history:

Method: 1. Visit the official website for help: 

To check SkyMile's history, you must use the airline's official website. You will have to follow the below-linked points for its process as they are about your help.

  • Open the homepage of the airline via the local web browser.
  • After that, select the AAdvantage icon from the menu option. 
  • Here, select the SkyMiles option, and to log in, you must enter your SkyMiles account number and password.
  • Click on the login button. 
  • Next, on the dashboard, you can easily see and check SkyMiles status effortlessly and manage it for any add-on service under your itinerary.

Method: 2 View history for SkyMiles via Email: 

Passengers can see my SkyMiles history with the help of email because, with email access, you will be automatically reminded every month by the airline of your previous month's activity have taken place with your SkyMiles account. You will also get information for SkyMiles usage places, such as reserving a seat or any other activity with such access points.

Method: 3 Check SkyMiles on Delta App: 

SkyMiles is known as a royalty program of Delta Airlines, and you use it for the class upgrade, check-in, or to reserve seats; if you want such events to get executed finally, you have the option of the app to look over such, even criteria.

  • First, you must install the Delta official app from Google Play Store.
  • After that, open the fly Delta app on your smartphone. 
  • Now, under the app itself, tap over the SkyMiles option from the homepage. 
  • Next, you have to log in to your SkyMiles account with the help of using a SkyMiles number and password.
  • Once you log in now, you can quickly check the status of your SkyMiles, and you can manage it accordingly.

Henceforth, in case you still have queries left with SkyMiles account login or how much is the remaining balance of your account then in those uncertain situations, you are left with one finest option, that is to contact a live representative with the help of phone, and you can dial 1-800-221-1212 for connecting call directly with a live person and get assistance in no time.

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