How do I Redeem my Air Miles?

Redeem the Air Miles in the Flight

Air Miles are the the points awarded by the Airlines to their customers for travelling with the Airlines which a traveler can use in the subsequent journey to save the money and buy the itinerary. These Air Miles are basically the loyalty point which are gained by customers when the customer flies with the Airlines. A customer can earn miles:

  • In stores: There are some stores which offer the Air miles in lieu of the service that you buy from. Usually, these stores are sponsors to the Airlines.
  • You can also earn the air miles from the online store. All you need to do is purchase the merchandise from sponsors and get the miles.
  • Through credit cards and banking: Most of the credit cards which make you to earn miles when you make payment through these and banks also provide deals of earning air miles on the purchase through net banking or availing the banking service.
  • You can also buy miles and redeem it later.

The above description depicts the methods through which you can earn miles and if you want the answer of the question how do I redeem my air miles, go through following description:

There could be a tit bit little difference in redeeming Air Miles, but the basic process is almost similar. All you need to do is go to website of the airline that you have flown with and earned air miles. Select the flight for destination. Click on the check box to redeem miles. There is difference in exact mileage that you can redeem from airlines to airlines and also from route to route. The miles can be redeemed for completely free ticket, discounted ticket or you can also can be used to upgrade the class.

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