How do I Make a Claim for Lost Luggage?

Do you want to get the claim for lost luggage? Are you facing the issue of claiming the lost luggage? If your answer to the previous questions is yes, then you need to panic or take tension. Here is the solution for you. It is often seen that the passenger's hand over the bags to the person who is available at the airport to carry loads of the passengers. It is seen many times that the passengers sometimes may lose their baggage while traveling or availing that service and for that, they want to get the claim for lost luggages when their baggage is lost, but they want to know the steps or the procedure that will help them to claim for the lost luggage.

Steps to Claim for The Lost luggage's

  1. Firstly the passenger needs to report for the lost luggage at the airline help desk or center in the baggage claim section or area.
  2. Then the passengers are required to fill the property irregularity report to report for the lost luggage. The passenger needs to confirm that the airlines know when the passenger luggage will arrive.
  3. Now the passengers are required to check the airline's compensation policies to get the compensation in case of the loss that the passenger is required to bear.
  4. Then after filling the report, the passenger needs to take a copy of the report from the airport of the lost luggage from their part.
  5. The airline's team will continue to search for the luggage's for 21 working days after filing the report
  6. After 21 days, the passenger is liable to get compensation from the airlines if the baggage is not found.
  7. If the luggage is found, the airline's team will contact the passenger and ask the passenger to collect their luggage from the airport else claim.

Using the above-mentioned steps, the passenger can get the claim and compensation in case their baggage is lost due to the careless behavior of the airlines. Suppose the passenger wants to get more clear and precise information about how do I claim for lost luggage. In this case, the passengers are advised to contact the customer care services of the airline and ask for the steps and the procedure for the same along with the time limit to claim for the compensation via various modes available that is via phone, via email, or live chat depends on the passengers choice and get the answer of the question.

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