How Do I Know If My Air India Flight is Cancelled?

All about the cancelation with Air India

Air India is the most loved airline in the world. The services are all homely and make you feel belonged. Air India is one of the best flag carriers in India. The airline is a tap away from the passengers if they have any issues and want the necessary assistance from the customer care department. 

Now, if your Air India flight is canceled and you are wondering, How do I know if my Air India flight is canceled? Then you should know that you are on the right page. This page will answer all of your questions for you. All you have to do is to refer to this page till the end and get the necessary information on flight cancelation with Air India. 

How do you know if your Air India is canceled?

There are two different methods to check whether your flight is canceled or not. Air India has made available two options to the passengers to know whether their flight is canceled or not. Two of them are written below: 

If Air India is canceling your flight due to the bad weather or because of any mechanical glitch, then they will send the cancelation mail to your registered email address with them. They will mention the reason for cancelation and all of the necessary the passengers to either rebook the flight or get a complete refund. 

Now, the next is through personally checking the status of your flight. You can go to the official website of the airlines and click on the check flight status. This step is done manually and can be performed any time after you book your flight with Air India. 
How to cancel the Air India flight ticket?

What if you want to cancel your flight. So, what are the necessary steps for it? Then, you should refer to the steps written below and cancel your Air India flight. 

Steps to cancel your Air India flight

  • The very first step is to visit the official website of Air India. 
  • On the homepage, you will find the option associated with Manage booking. 
  • Click on the tab and fill in the required details such as your last name and your booking reference id. 
  • This will navigate to your flight details. You will find the cancel booking tab alongside your flight information. 
  • Click on the cancel booking tab and confirm your cancelation.
  • Pay the cancelation charges if you have to. 
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from the official mail address of Air India.

Now, you can cancel your flight through the steps written above on the official webpage But, there is another step to cancel your flight and that is by calling on the Air India phone number and asking the human representative to cancel your flight. 

Air India cancellation policy

It is very important to know the terms and conditions associated with canceling your Air India flight, widely popular as the cancelation policy of Air India. Refer to the highlights written below:

  • You can cancel your flight through the official webpage or by calling the customer care representative. 
  • If you canceled your flight within the first 24 hours of booking your flight then your flight cancelation will be free of cost. 
  • The Air India flight cancellation charges depend on the flight fare you have booked, the route, your travel destination, and your cabin class. 
  • If you cancel your flight after the risk-free period then you will be asked to pay the cancellation charges. 
  • If the flight is booked with a travel agency then you should contact them for assistance.
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