How do I Get in Touch with Aegean Airlines?

The customer service of Aegean Airlines sincerely tries to cater to the needs of the passengers and provides special assistance services as and when required at the Airport or onboard. Aegean Airlines mentions on its website that its customer service works 24/7 to serve the passengers. If you have booked a ticket on Aegean Airlines and you have some queries or requests, you can easily reach the customer service of Aegean Airlines through numerous ways given on the official website.

Modes to contact Aegean Airlines:

By calling: you can contact the Aegean Airline customer service to gather information about your queries and unique assistance services. Calling is the mode that will connect you immediately with customer service for answers to your questions. Call on Aegean Airlines phone number and listen to the IVR and follow the steps below:

  • Dial +1 833 732 8158 and Press 1- to choose the language
  • Press 2- to learn about booking, cancellation, refund
  • Press 3- to learn about covid19 rules and regulations
  • Press 4- to learn about allowance restrictions, missing baggage
  • Press 5- to learn about the special assistance services
  • Press #- to talk to a customer service person at Aegean Airlines

By feedback form: You can find a feedback form option to send your messages, including suggestions, reviews, and other issues regarding the services of Aegean Airlines. To fill out the feedback form and submit it to customer service, you can go through the steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Aegean Airlines
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Select the feedback form option
  • Enter your mail id, last name, booking code
  • Enter your queries 
  • Click on the submit button

By email: Aegean Airlines have a form on the official website where if you share your valid email id, you will receive an email from Aegean Airlines on that same email id, and you can start a conversation about your queries and issues and get all the information you want. If you reach the official website of Aegean Airline and go on the contact us page, you will find an icon with the contact us email. You can click on the same tab and fill out the form providing your email id.

By social media: Aegean Airlines have a couple of social media pages through which you can reach customer service at the airline. To instantly get in touch with Aegean Airlines' customer service, you can use the airline's social media pages. The social media pages of Aegean Airlines are as follows:

  • you can use Facebook messenger to send messages to customer service for immediate response.

By post: you can also connect with the customer service of Aegean Airlines through a conventional way of sending a post to the address mentioned on the official website. The address mentioned to send the post is given below:

  • Building 57, Athens.Greece

To conclude, if you want to contact customer service, you can call Aegean Airlines' customer service phone number or use other modes of contact as mentioned above.

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